Sunday, 26 May 2019

Ultra stylish and pleasant to the touch Laptop case

The Laptop case is made of hard plastic. The product can be easily removed and put on without additional tools. Ideal for protecting your computer during extreme situations (on a hike or during a trip), while revealing its original forms. The product has a rubberized plastic case and a matte translucent color. The special alloy of rubber and plastic at the same time provides reliable strength and elasticity, which is the key to protect against falls and bumps. The case comes in several colors, so you can choose a model that will fit your tastes.

Features Laptop case:

  • 24-hour protection of your laptop from pollution and scratches;
  • Laptop case is reusable and is not afraid of water falling on it;
  • The user has full access to all functional elements, without the need to remove the accessory;
  • Easy installation and removal of the Laptop case;
  • Smooth to the touch, do not leave fingerprints;
  • There are ventilation openings for heat circulation;
  • Excellent keeps the original shape of the case, does not deform and does not melt from the heat of the computer.

Laptop case is a protective bag-cover for a laptop, which is made of high-quality nylon with water-repellent properties. It will be convenient for you to use such a bag, since there is a special carry handle on the side. On the front side, the Laptop case contains zippered compartments where you can save your supplies and equipment. To ensure protection against possible scratches on the body of your laptop from the inside of the Laptop case, artificial fur was used. This bag is made in several colors and can be of different sizes.

Laptop case will be a stylish, elegant addition and reliable solution to protect your laptop. Made in a restrained style bag-case Laptop case will highlight your personality. Owners of laptops will appreciate the features of this case and its advantages. Laptop case will protect your laptop from damage during falls, scratches, and blows and prevent chipping at the corners thanks to a special layer of polyester foam and a lining made of soft neoprene fabric, which increases shock absorption. Cover materials make it possible to stay thin and light in the Laptop case, not to clutter up your space and fit compactly in your bag. Thanks to the coating material, it can easily slide into your briefcase or backpack without creating discomfort.

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