Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

The Jedi Way and The Importance of the Lightsaber

Long has there been chaos and dissonance in the galaxy. As far back as anyone can remember, the Jedi have sought to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy. They fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves from the forces of the dark side, also known as the Sith. The Jedi train their entire lives to hone their skills with the force to give themselves an advantage in combat. Some of their abilities include force control, force healing, and force sight to allow them to see beyond physical barriers. The Jedi spend most of their focus on learning to control the ways of the force and find balance within themselves. They utilize one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy to allow them to accomplish this task.

The Jedi Lightsaber

The green lightsaber, also simply referred to as the Jedi Lightsaber, is a weapon that the Jedi use in combat. The lightsaber has the ability to cut through most physical materials and is incredibly deadly in combat. Though the lightsaber can fatally wound an opponent, the Jedi will relinquish other options of subdual before choosing to kill their opponent. The lightsaber acts as a focusing point that the Jedi use to help control their force powers. The Jedi aim to inspire others by addressing the importance of focus and balance within oneself. Though they have the ability to be savage combatants, they choose to avoid the temptations of the dark side with pure control over themselves and their actions.

How Does a Lightsaber Work?

Thanks to futuristic plasma technology, the lightsaber can be created and modified to create a sword-like effect from the plasma that emits from the hilt. Kyber crystals are the source of power in a lightsaber and are harnessed to create a blade-like shape from the plasma through a magnetic stabilizer. This gives the lightsaber its “sword” appearance and can be harnessed with a simple press of a button. However, the lightsaber cannot function under water. Though there have been instances of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto using a lightsaber underwater, these occurrences are rare.

Becoming a Jedi

To become a Jedi requires a lifetime of practice. Peace, tranquility, and benevolence are traits that the Jedi must focus on to become a warrior of the light. Years of training with a lightsaber makes them a formidable opponent in combat as well. If one wishes to become a Jedi, they must devote themselves to the order to truly make a difference in the galaxy.