Monday, 17 Jun 2019

Some Real Benefits of Artificial Grass Tennis Courts

While you can certainly opt for clay, carpet, or other types of tennis courts, you will enjoy a number of interesting benefits when you opt for an artificial grass tennis court.

Any weather, same play

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass courts are sturdy and less slippery even in wet weather. Additionally, they dry out quicker. That sure means, there is less wait time for the next play and players can jump back in to continue their game without losing on the play hours. Artificial grass can be made easily out of a special that doesn’t shine when wet or under floodlights, giving a strain free play.

Great playing conditions

Over a period of time, natural grass is bound to become bumpy and uneven, which creates inconsistent playing conditions and is dangerous. It can cause serious injuries. On the contrary, artificial grass remains smooth due to its resistant composition and gives a good bounce and a consistent and smooth play.

Artificial grass is great for budding players as they get the chance to master all areas of the game because of the slow pace of game compared to that in natural grass. Artificial grass court can be used by players of all ages and experience levels alike since the slower pace of the game allows them to hone their skills by spending more time on their weaknesses. The rallies tend to last longer because of the pitch and hence the player can try each shot in a different way to find out what works best for him/her, and what their best shots are.

Longer and fruitful membership

There are many fancy clubs opening up and there is fierce competition to provide the best facilities at the most affordable prices that can attract customers to buy a membership. Investing in an artificial grass court is sure going to fetch you some good long-term players as it is the best court for regular practice and play. They meet the highest playing standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). To add to the glory, they are also available in various color combinations which can be a news in itself!

If you are planning to install new surfaces, you can consider installing a mix of courts with different surface types, such as clay. This will impress the users as they can choose to play on any of the surfaces and adapt themselves to different playing conditions as each surface type provides unique characteristics.

Easy maintenance

Of course, apart from all the benefits, it is very important for the court to be well-maintained for players to use it regularly. Unlike natural grass, the artificial courts are easy to maintain. The colors don’t fade even with harsh sunlight exposure and rigorous play schedules. The surface is also more flexible and even if players twist and whirl on it, it is less likely to be damaged.

Maintenance in general is quick and simple. Most of the times, just regular brushing is enough to make sure the artificial grass courts stay playable and don’t crack or get damaged.

Player friendly court

Playing tennis requires a lot of stamina and especially during the initial stages, the sport can be demanding. Players need to move from one side to another focusing on the ball, as quickly as possible to hit the ball on time. Since artificial grass courts are softer than a hard court, they are gentler and joint-friendlier. These courts are also less slippery which often prevents injuries and falls during the play.