Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Pros And Cons Of Afternoon Naps

Afternoon naps for toddlers are encouraged, but there is a stigma attached to it when the adults take it as it is considered being lazy. Your boss may not take it too kindly if you doze off at your desk as it affects productivity, but a study conducted by National sleep foundation states that it helps a person become more alert and thus improves productivity. Moreover, naps taken for a small duration can improve attention and reduce mistakes. It also helps to manage stress and elevate your mood. Taking a nap at the right time is essential to get the maximum benefits out of it, else it can give you a sleepless night.

Pros of an Afternoon Nap :

Lowers blood pressure: Older adults benefit from an afternoon nap as it regulates the blood pressure. That, in turn, reduces the risk of dementia in the future. It is not just the older adults, even middle-aged adults who nap in the afternoon have lower blood pressure when compared to people who do not take naps. Lower blood pressure reduces the risk of stroke and heart diseases.

Helps to reduce mistakes:

According to a study conducted on astronauts and military pilots, it was found that a shut-eye or 40 minutes improved the alertness and also the performance level in their jobs. When you are fatigued and lack sleep you end up making a lot of mistakes. It can be while driving, at work or at home. If you are planning on a long drive, a small nap can help in preventing accidents. If you are on already driving and feel sleepy, caffeine and a rest of 15-20 minutes in a rest area will help get rid of drowsiness.

Improves memory: An afternoon nap improves your memory, especially in younger adults. A study conducted on young adult shows that they were able to recall most of the words they got in a memory test.

Tips To Make Naps Beneficial

  • Do no nap for a long time: A 30-minute nap is enough to get refreshed, anything above this leads to deep sleep which makes it difficult to wake up and leads to groginess.
  • Time: People usually feel sleepy in the afternoon post lunch, between 2 to 3 PM due to the circadian rhythm being at the lowest. Avoid sleeping after 3 Pm as it gets difficult to get sleep in the night despite having the best dual comfort mattress.
  • Undisturbed sleep: Take a nap in a comfortable mattress and ensure that the place is cool and quiet. If you have aches and pains while you sleep, invest on a good orthopedic memory foam mattress and pillows. To keep daylight out, use a sleep mask or thick

Cons of Afternoon Naps

  • Linked to diabetes: Research found that people who sleep in daytime are at a high risk of diabetes and those who nap for more than 1 hour are a greater risk of diabetes.
  • Sleep issues in the night: If you have a poor quality of sleep in the night or an insomniac, then even a short nap can interfere in your night sleep, for people who have no sleep problems, it is recommended they sleep for a short duration.
  • Sleep inertia: Some people may feel groggy and disoriented after a nap.

Short naps taken in the early afternoon helps in refreshing and becoming alert. But you should ensure that the time, duration and the place you sleep should be conducive. If you need naps on a daily basis, there might be problems with your mattress or sleep disorders. Investing on a WakeFit mattress will help if your bed is not comfortable, but if sleep issues are hampering your life then you should consult a sleep specialist.