Monday, 17 Jun 2019

Knockdown and Rebuild Your Dream Home

A home will be the largest purchase that the vast majority of us will ever make in our lifetimes. Additionally it will cost us more than 25% of our lives to pay off.

Do you have a home that you purchased a while ago and at the time it seemed ideal for your needs? Overtime however it is proven to be not what you need long-term. Perhaps you now have children, or your children have left, or maybe you never really loved your home, but it was what you could afford at the time.

You may not love your home, but you certainly love your neighborhood. Perhaps your kids are going to school there, you have great neighbors, or the location is simply ideal. This can create a great dilemma for many homeowners. They love their home location, yet want to get rid of their home.

Consider a Knockdown and Rebuild on Your Existing Property

One fantastic option to consider is to knock down your existing home and build a custom home in its place. If your home is in Melbourne Australia and if you’re looking for a knock down and rebuild home builder Melbourne, has one of the best in Australia. The company specializes in these jobs and can provide every service from demolition of your current home, to design and construction of your new custom home. They will work closely with you from start to finish and ensure that every part of the process goes smoothly.

Why Choose Custom Home Design?

In terms of custom home design, you will be able to choose every detail about your new home. Is your car at home too small? How about designing a home that is the exact proportions that you would like? Do you currently wish you had more bedrooms or bathrooms? Your new home design can include more of both. Do you I hate the way the exterior of your home currently looks? How about selecting from the widest range of materials and looks for your new custom-built home? Is your current home stuffy and made to feel small because rooms are closed off? How about a new open concept floor plan for your custom built home? Perhaps you currently have a craftsman style home and your taste now run to contemporary or even Mediterranean. These choices can be made and built to your specifications. And it can be done on your existing lot.

Additional benefits custom home design or that you can decide what your budget is initially and build the perfect home to fit that budget. Also because the custom design company has strong relationships with suppliers, you can get many of the homes materials including wall coverings, kitchen appliances, and even furniture at near wholesale prices. So when you decide to knockdown and rebuild your new home, you get the home that you want, at a price that likely is less than what you would pay if you bought a new home on the market.