Sunday, 26 May 2019

Key moves to make your music heard

Even if you should know how to promote your music online, the options that are available to you may turn out to be overwhelming. It is highly important that you set up an online music promotion strategy for the success of your music. A single step may not work for all therefore, you must follow a few steps that may work for you. You can set up social media profiles and develop strategies where fans will start pouring in. Select a few sites to promote your music. As your fans cannot be on every site choose to promote your music on sites that are manageable.

When you think of online music promotion, you mean two things- reviews and coverage on internet magazines and blogs. You need a separate plan for each. Getting actual coverage-interviews and reviews for your online music is not so easy like a magazine or a newspaper write-up. You need a press release, music, and contacts. You may also think of Spotify promotion, online music streaming platform. You can interact with your fans through social media. Gove your fans something valuable, tell them about the recording process and about writing new songs. They may like to hear from you but remember to deliver the right music too.

Online Advertisements

Online advertising is an effective tool of digital promotion along with a good website, social media presence, and blogs. You do not have to spend a good fortune as a small fortune can get you good coverage. You can promote your music on several popular websites. You have to spend a little amount of money to get potential listeners. Social media is great and you have to depend on your target readers to be online when you update your post and sites such as Facebook allow a small percentage of your fans to see a post unless you make payment to boost it.

This is the reason why engaging emails that arrive in the inbox are an effective communication method. Sending regular weekly and monthly newsletters is an excellent way of reaching out to your fans and promoting your music. The newsletters can be sent easily via tools that include everything from tour dates to news to exclusive tracks. There are organizations that allow you to platform where you can trade the musical digital copy or you can opt for a competition for free on your website for free gig tickets/merchandise and use email addresses that you collect from entries. Make sure that your blog, Facebook, and the website has a newsletter subscribe button.


Blogs are powerful resources and they can be used either a stand-alone or extension tools. Apart from sharing almost everything, in search engines, you can watch the results of your page presence. Whether you are an individual artist or a band you can use blogs to talk about all the things your fans want to know. You can discuss your new music, new tour dates, the release of your next album, etc. Apart from blogs, you can choose streaming promotion just like Spotify promotion.