Sunday, 26 May 2019

HTTPS – a strong pillar of Cyber Security

As Internet security is a threat, many website users are now shifting to https from HTTP. Experts are of the opinion that it will increase the security of the website from being attacked. Now the question is what is the extra S in https? That S is called the SSL or Secure Sockets Locker. Here the connection is encrypted to a website so that none of your data can be intercepted by the hackers. The website will run smoothly without any hindrance round the year, for example this site.

Once there was a misconception that HTTPS is ideal for those websites which deal with sensitive information like customer payment details and much more. But as time moved on, all websites felt the necessity of these. HTTPS always offers an extra data of security as it uses SSL to move the data. Google really cares about this protocol to a great extent. They even once said that sites without HTTPS may get their rankings hampered to a great extent.

HTTP cares about how the data looks like. HTTPS, on the other hand, does not care about that and it uses by default TCP Port 443, marking the two as separate communications. Technical experts say HTTPS always gives the best of both worlds – they care about what the user is actually seeing visually on the website and at the same time, provide an extra security layer when the data is moving from point B to Point C.

Data sent by HTTPS is further protected by three layers of protection using Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS). The needed protection is offered in three different layers

Encryption – The exchanged data is encrypted to keep it very secure.

Data Integrity – Without any detection, nobody can corrupt or modify the data during the transfer.

Authentication – It is a vital step of security as it establishes the fact that the users have communicated with the website.

As it will have a positive impact on the SEO of the site as well, Google has given tips to follow while shifting from HTTP to https. Some of them are –

  1.    Use of 2048-bit key certificates
  2.    Allow crawling of your https website using robots.txt
  3.    What type of certificate you need – single or multi-domain or any wildcard certificate

Hence, the use of HTTPS is not only good for the enhanced security of your website but also helps in improving the ranking in Google to a great extent. Shift to HTTPS immediately.