Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

How to Find a Construction Lawyer

You have decided to have premises, offices, a factory or warehouse built for your company? This is a structuring project for your business, you do not have the right to make mistakes, and you have naturally decided to bring a specialist lawyer in construction law.

I will give you a simple and effective way to find the right lawyer in construction law. But before going further, it is important to understand the projects on which such a lawyer can accompany you. If you want to build premises for your business, you will in most cases need to hire a lawyer in construction law who will help:

  • The guarantee of perfect completion, which obliges the contractor to repair all the defects found in the year following the reception of the work;
  • The biennial guarantee that obliges the contractor to repair small defects and replace equipment with malfunctions, within two years of receiving the work;
  • The decennial guarantee that protects you in case of major problems related to the strength of the construction putting you in danger.

The lawyer in construction law also monitors deadlines and knows how to act accordingly by always seeking an amicable solution. He knows how to implement the various guarantees, to put in residence the responsible actors to carry out their obligations and can request judicial expertise.

An Effective Way to Find a Construction Lawyer

Try to find one of your acquaintances who has called on a lawyer with this specialty. Getting a recommendation is often an ideal way to identify a qualified construction attorney NYC. This method makes it possible to know how the lawyer works really and to know if his style and his method suit you if not, you move on in your search for a competent professional.