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Summary of Changes in Global glass bong Regulatory Policies

  The fluctuation of glass bong cigarette market cannot be separated from the influence of regulatory policies. Let's look at the changes in global glass bong cigarette regulatory policies.


  There have been many media reports on the adjustment of the regulatory policy for glass bong cigarettes in the United States, and I think everyone has seen a lot of them. In general, the regulatory policies of the U.S. states are basically aimed at adjusting flavored glass bong cigarettes, while atomized glass bong cigarettes with tobacco flavor are not affected. At the same time, they adjusted the age of legal buyers of glass bong cigarettes from 18 to 21.


  Britain has always supported glass bong cigarettes and plans to switch all smokers of traditional cigarettes to glass bong cigarettes by 2030. Recently, in Birmingham area in northern England, two of the largest medical institutions opened their glass bong cigarette sales outlets and began to sell glass bong cigarettes.


  The domestic regulatory standards for glass bong cigarettes began to be formulated in October 2017 and have not yet been formally promulgated.

  New Zealand

  New Zealand's Deputy Health Minister Jenny Salesa said that the sale of glass bong cigarettes will be restricted to three flavors, including tobacco, menthol and mint.

  Southeast Asia

  Malaysia: Malaysia's Deputy Health Minister Li Wencai said recently that he plans to draw up a new tobacco law to control glass bong cigarettes under an independent law.

  Indonesia and Philippines have not adjusted their regulatory policies on glass bong cigarettes.

  Middle East

  The United Arab Emirates Standardization and Metrology Agency (ESMA) announced on February 16, 2019 that it would lift the ban on the sale of glass bong cigarettes, including allowing the sale of glass bong cigarettes, glass bong pipes, glass bong hookah and rehydration devices, and regulating the import, manufacture, sale and packaging. It would also cover PMI's heating non-combustion equipment IQOS and other non-thermal combustion glass bong water pipes products.