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Glass bong bowl Leaps Looking Forward to "National Standard" Announced

  Backed by more than 300 million smokers in our country, glass bong wholesale , as a substitute for traditional cigarettes, have been pushed to the "tuyere" by capital in recent years. However, one of the hottest tsunami glass bong consumer goods at present is being questioned and restricted more and more.

  On October 9, two e-commerce platforms, Ali and jingdong, announced that they would suspend the sale of dab rig to U.S. buyers, in line with the local U.S. policy of strictly controlling e-cigarettes. Industry insiders believe that in China, the release and implementation of tsunami glass bong cigarette industry standards are "on the verge of completion." With stricter supervision, what is the future prospect of the tsunami glass bong cigarette industry?

  Hundreds of Billion Markets Stimulate Capital "Appetite"

  Once, on the tuyere, pigs could fly.

  From October last year to September this year, the share price of listed company yiweilineng soared from a minimum of 10.76 yuan/share to a maximum of 45.10 yuan/share, a cumulative increase of 270%. It is not lithium batteries, its main business, but glass bong wholesale that have boosted its performance.

  Before that, YWEI Li Neng invested in Maxwell, holding 37.55% of its shares. The latter is mainly engaged in the sales and research of tsunami glass bong atomizers, key components of tsunami glass bong atomizers and related equipment, and is a leading enterprise in the domestic tsunami glass bong cigarette industry.

  Yiwei Lineng is only one of the beneficiaries of the booming e-cigarette market. According to Euromonitor statistics, the e-cigarette market in China reached 5.152 billion yuan in 2018, up 28.5% year-on-year, with a compound annual growth rate of about 35% from 2012 to 2018.

  In this context, e-cigarette has become a hot domestic venture capital and capital outlet.

  According to incomplete statistics in ec Electronic Cigarette World, in the first half of 2019 alone, there were more than 35 investment cases in the tsunami glass bong cigarette industry. According to the disclosed investment statistics, the total investment was at least more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, the reporter learned from the public information that Jill, an tsunami glass bong cigarette brand promoted by Nanjing du er mei tsunami glass bong technology co., ltd, received 12 million yuan of angel wheel financing in March 2019. The investor is an tsunami glass bong cigarette accessories manufacturer in Suzhou, which mainly produces cigarette accessories for a major tsunami glass bong cigarette brand in the United States.

  "E-cigarette has been highly praised as a start-up project in China, and once occupied almost all of the" right place, right time and people. " Soochow securities Tougu Li Chaohui believes that compared with the high penetration rate of 31% in US e-cigarettes, the current penetration rate of dab rigin China is less than 1%. If the penetration rate is calculated at 10%, the market scale can reach 100 billion, naturally attracting many entrepreneurs.

  What excites entrepreneurs even more is that although China is not the largest consumer market for glass bong wholesale , it is the production base of global glass bong wholesale , accounting for more than 90% of global tsunami glass bong cigarette production. At the same time, as of August 2018, the number of global e-cigarette patents was 25,979, with China accounting for 87%. The foundation of tsunami glass bong cigarette manufacturing undoubtedly provides a good soil for these newly-promoted entrepreneurs. For example, as the largest tsunami glass bong cigarette production base, Shenzhen has more than 500 tsunami glass bong cigarette production enterprises.

  Reporters learned that Suzhou also has a complete tsunami glass bong cigarette industry chain. Around JUUL, a well-known international brand of glass bong wholesale , many enterprises are located in the fields of engineering plastics, mold injection molding, hot runner, atomizer, control panel, etc. Relevant well-known enterprises include Dongshan Precision, Ruibang Ceramics, Suzhou Zhuo Qun, Zhunda Hot Runner, and crystal new materials, etc.