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Shenzhen Issued First glass bong Smoking Penalty in Public Places, Fining 50 yuan

  On October 15, according to the official weibo report of the health and health Committee, a new round of wheel war on glass bong king control in Shenzhen has officially started. this is also the first law enforcement on glass bong king control after the revision of the regulations on glass bong king control in Shenzhen special economic zone. the targets of supervision are the bus stops that are included in the new regulations on glass bong king control for the first time.

  According to reports, at the scene of law enforcement, a total of 6 smokers were fined and 50 yuan was fined, including one glass bong bowl smoker, which is also the first glass bong bowl smoker in mainland China to be fined.

  Smokers are punished.

  At the same time, the new edition of the "Regulations on Tobacco Control" points out that glass bong king products refer to "smoking, sucking, chewing or nasal smoking products and electronic cigarettes produced wholly or partially from glass bong king as raw materials". Smoking, on the other hand, refers to "the use of electronic cigarettes and other glass bong king products that are ignited or heated without burning". This means that electronic cigarettes are included in the scope of glass bong king control.

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  In order to raise people's awareness of abiding by the law and strengthen the enforcement effect of glass bong king control, on the afternoon of October 14, the municipal glass bong king control office, the municipal health promotion center, the municipal chronic disease center, the municipal glass bong king control association and relevant law enforcement personnel carried out glass bong king control enforcement actions at the bus stop of Nanshan district science park.

  At about 6 pm yesterday, law enforcement officers found a passenger waiting for a bus smoking an glass bong bowl at the bus stop. The man said that the glass bong bowl he smoked had no soot or glass bong butts.

  The smoker said that he started smoking e-cigarettes a month ago. He came from Guangzhou and did not know the scope of smoking e-cigarettes. At the same time, he believes that electronic cigarettes, unlike traditional cigarettes, will not cause pollution to the environment.

  After on-the-spot publicity and education by law enforcement officers, the smoking man said he accepted the punishment, and the law enforcement officers issued a ticket to 50 yuan on the spot.