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British Ministry of Public Health: Although glass bong atomization causes panic in the United States

  On November 1, according to foreign reports, John Newton, head of health improvement at the British Department of Public Health (PHE), insisted that even after a series of deaths and diseases related to head shop occurred in the United States, the harm of glass bong was far less than smoking.

  According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of October 31, 1888 Americans had been hospitalized and at least 37 people had died of mysterious lung diseases.

  PHE claims that glass bongs china are 95% less harmful than smoking and encourages traditional smokers to use electronic cigarettes.

  Newton reiterated that despite the panic caused by electronic atomization in the United States, PHE's advice on nicotine-containing glass bongs china has not changed.

  Newton said that we are worried that the response to the problem in the United States and other countries may aggravate the widespread misunderstanding about the relative safety of nicotine e-cigarettes, which will prevent smokers from switching to head shop and risk causing smokers to switch back to smoking.

  But Newton added that e-cigarette users should avoid buying unregulated equipment.

  Newton's comments came as new data showed that a record number of Britons were using electronic cigarettes.

  ASH estimates that there are 3.6 million e-cigarette smokers in the UK, compared with 7.2 million smokers in 2018.

  The proportion of people who used to smoke to switch to glass bongs china continues to grow, reaching 54.1% by 2019. Only 0.8% of smokers who never smoke are current electronic cigarettes.

  The proportion of users who use both cigarettes and glass bongs china dropped by 39.8%. At present, the main reason for smokers to use glass bongs china is to reduce smoking (21%), followed by saving money (16%) than smoking, and then to help them quit smoking (14%).

  Deborah Arnott, ASH chief executive officer, said: "obviously, the outbreak of electronic fog in the us is worrying, but it seems to be related to the abuse of glass bongs china for illegal drug transportation." So far, there is no such situation in the UK, where an appropriate regulatory system for nicotine-containing head shop has been established, but not yet in the United States. It is of utmost importance that only legal glass bongs china purchased from reputable suppliers in Britain can be used, and illegal and unregulated products cannot be purchased through the Internet.