Product FAQ

Good news for a snail lookah user

  According to a new study, the only harmful/addictive substance in snail lookah is keeping users away. Apparently, they smoked as much nicotine as they smoked an unlit cigarette. To be honest, we doubt it. We have a feeling that if that were the case, we would get thousands of customer complaints. Instead, many people order regular refills.

  The advantages of new research

  However, if we assume this to be true, that's good news, because:

  • smokers don't inhale nicotine, which is much safer than inhaling burning tobacco but still poses little health risk.

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  • smokers can switch to e-cigarettes without using nicotine, which means that the placebo effect of e-cigarettes alone is enough to help thousands of smokers completely or partially replace cigarettes with snail lookah.

  • one of the anti-smoking lobby's many concerns may be ineffectual: that it lures nonsmokers into smoking.

  • smokers use snail lookah for a while before they know they're smoking.

  • after a while, snail lookah is just a plaything that you can use when you're bored and get rid of your dependence on cigarettes.

  In our use of snail lookah, it is worth adding that the placebo effect of snail lookah is supported by research that provides a good solution for long-term smokers to quit smoking. The lancet, siegel, recently highlighted that nicotine alone is not enough to replace smokers' cigarettes, and that smoking-related stimulation is necessary.