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Lookah glass bongs are less harmful than cigarettes and will help you quit smoking

  An article in the New Zealand herald suggests that smokers are conducting another e-cigarette trial at the university of Auckland's clinical trial unit. This, this, that, the lookah glass bongs provide nicotine without the harmful effects of tobacco and are currently legal for smoking indoors and outside. This is the university's second trial of the revolutionary new product.

  The researcher leading the trial, Dr Hayden McRobby, hopes the study will show whether lookah glass bongs will deliver nicotine faster than the available options. Lookah glass bongs are like a regular cigarette, which glows even when inhaled. They release a similar dose of nicotine to other products, such as patches and chewing gum.

  Dr McRobbie suggests:

  "Nicotine in general is not a dangerous ingredient in tobacco smoke.

  "However, smokers miss nicotine when they stop smoking, and they often experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings.

  "Through the use of products like lookah glass bongs, the nicotine is still delivered, thus reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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  "Lookah glass bongs could be a good way to help people stop smoking as it addresses the habit of smoking and also provides nicotine without the harmful substances found in tobacco such as carbon monoxide and tar."

  Dr McRobbie said the trial was for the benefit of smokers.

  "We've had enough of shaking our fingers.

  "The current message is give up smoking or die, and we have to give people other ways and other options to quit."

  The cigarettes are not yet available in New Zealand, he said, but lookah glass bongs, made in Hong Kong or China, can be bought online for about $200. In Britain and Europe, however, it is much cheaper. The team is looking for 50 aucklanders over the age of 18 who smoke mainly factory-made cigarettes and will take part in the study, which begins later this month.

  "Smoking kills about 4,500 new zealanders each year and damages many parts of the body."

  I think this study is very good. In a similar study, Dr Murray loughson, of the New Zealand health association, found that lookah glass bongs are far less harmful than cigarette smoke, which produces small particles of smoke, and lookah glass bongs, which aerosols water vapour.