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Lookah glass bong is harmful and can stop smoking

  Every year, Oxford dictionaries chooses its word of the year. In 2013, the word of the year was selfie; In 2015, it was the expression that could not laugh or cry. Sandwiched in the middle, in 2014, is "vape," or lookah glass bong.

  The world's lookah glass bong sales exploded between 2010 and 2014. However, lookah glass bong is an unfamiliar product to most Chinese. Lookah glass bong is seen as a foreign fashion trend that has caught on with a few people, although it was both invented and mostly made in China. Many more will hear only sporadic messages from lookah glass bong. In October 2018, for example, Hong Kong chief executive Carrie lam said in her policy address that Hong Kong would ban sales of lookah glass bong. Lookah glass bong, for example, has become a popular start-up on the mainland.

  Lookah glass bong, what exactly is it, and is it good or bad? Lookah glass bong, can it really help you quit smoking?


  Lookah glass bong is harmful, but better than cigarettes

  If you've ever done a curious search for lookah glass bong product introductions, you've probably seen some domestic vendors blow lookah glass bong into a drug, claiming that lookah glass bong is "healthy and harmless" and "lung cleansing and detoxing." You may have read other popular science articles in Chinese that list the dangers of lookah glass bong, and some even claim: "lookah glass bong is seven times more likely to cause cancer than cigarettes!"

  Lookah glass bong harmful? And is lookah glass bong more harmful than traditional cigarettes?

  To answer both questions, take a quick look at the construction of lookah glass bong. Lookah glass bong is usually divided into two major parts: an electronic atomizer and a nicotine-containing liquid (nicotine oil). The two parts are similar to the relationship between pen and ink, needle and medicine.

  Lookah glass bong works by atomizing cigarette oil into a nicotine smoke that smokers inhale into their bodies like cigarettes. This is also known as a vape in English, sometimes as an electronic atomizer. Of course, lookah glass bong is sometimes referred to as a low-temperature toasted tobacco lookah glass bong, also known as "IQOS", not discussed here. The electronic atomizer can come in a variety of shapes, and the design has gone from the original imitation cigarette kit to fashion, with the latest lookah glass bongJuul more like a usb flash drive.

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  Let's start with the conclusion that lookah glass bong is healthier than cigarettes. Lookah glass bong is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes. When discussing the dangers of lookah glass bong, the dangers of regular cigarettes seem to have been chosen to be newly forgotten. However, China remains the largest consumer of cigarettes. On balance, lookah glass bong is still better for smokers than cigarettes.

  In 2015, public health England (PHE) published a 113-page report detailing the risks of lookah glass bong. The report concluded that lookah glass bong was 95% safer than smoking and that policies should encourage smokers to use lookah glass bong as a key tobacco control strategy to reduce the harm caused by smoking. To encourage "smokers," mind you. Despite widespread scepticism, public health England insisted lookah glass bong was 95% safer than smoking in 2018.

  In February 2017, a company in yichang, hubei province, received an order for 38 sets of lookah glass bong from abroad, including the us and Japan. The rise of lookah glass bong has also created job opportunities in China.

  In February 2018, the American cancer society (ACS) also released a position statement: although the long-term effects of using lookah glass bong are not yet clear, it can be estimated that it is less harmful than regular cigarettes. The group is explicitly encouraging people to try lookah glass bong instead of traditional cigarettes. It also advises clinicians to recommend lookah glass bong to smokers as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Of course, lookah glass bong is a transitional state, and quitting should always be the first choice.

  In November 2018, the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) made its case to the public. It recommends that people who are already heavy smokers change to lookah glass bong and try to quit. But it also warns teenagers and pregnant women, as well as non-smokers, not to try it just because it is less harmful than cigarettes.