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Blockage "or" sparse "? -on the policy landing direction of glassbone waterpipes industry

  As a new industry, where can I go?

  Different positions will lead to completely different conclusions.

  Of course, as far as glass bong water pipes practitioners are concerned, they think glass bong water pipes is a brand-new product that can reduce hazards. This policy should not only be banned, but also encouraged.

  Last year, the tobacco tax exceeded 1 trillion US dollars, and the outbreak of glass bong water pipes is bound to reduce the benefits of tobacco. For traditional tobacco stakeholders, curbing glass bone water pipes is imperative.

  Electronic Cigarette Industry Policy

  However, from the perspective of policy formulation, the following issues are more important than the hazards of tobacco or glass bone water pipes.

  Social problems caused by supervision are far greater than health problems.

  If a stick kills Glass bone Thailand, this is obviously inconsistent with the "large-scale innovation and mass entrepreneurship" advocated in recent years. Although the tobacco tax is too high, people will inevitably doubt "competing with the people for profits."

smokeless pipe

  Over the past five years, the GDP growth rate is expected to be between 8% and 6.5%. How can we break the weak consumption when the economic growth is still weak? Whether it is supply-side reform or consumption upgrading, new ideas are needed at the policy level to resolve the dilemma.

  Therefore, in view of the above problems, it is more likely to use "guidance" rather than "blocking" when using policy tools.

  In the process of guiding and combing, the policy will focus on the following aspects:

  1. Control ratio

  I am not good at killing you on the policy level, but I cannot let you develop too bravely on the overall scale. The country will not compete with the people for profits, but if you are allowed to be "unbridled", the income of tobacco farmers and national taxes will always be taken into account. The way to control the scale is to control the supply of core raw materials such as nicotine.

  2. Scope of Control:

  Don't sell glass bone water pipes to minors. Needless to say, this is already the regulation of tsunamiglass bone.

  3. Tax control:

  The premonition of increasing the tax on electronic cigarettes is sooner or later. On the one hand, tobacco tax cannot be cancelled just because you are a glass bone water pipes. In addition to the basic tax on consumer goods, as an addictive product, it is bound to increase public health expenditure, which is bound to be added to the tax.

  Instead of "blocking" with "guidelines", control the scale, tax and scope of control, and focus on the direction and shortcomings of information supervision in China's Glass bone Water Pipes industry. Welcome to shoot.