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Eleven percent of teenagers in the United States have smoked ceramic bong. The 14-year-old "lung in

  In recent years, many people like to replace traditional cigarettes with ceramic bong, which has many different flavors to choose from, making it easier for young people to "start". According to the US Department of Health, 14 teenagers in Wisconsin and Illinois were hospitalized for severe lung injury. According to the survey, they all have the habit of using tsunami glass bong before going to a doctor. some of them even need auxiliary equipment to breathe normally.

  In the United States, 11% of teenagers have smoked ceramic bong.

  U.S. Health Service No.2 said there are 11 teenagers in Wisconsin. Three teenagers in Illinois were hospitalized for the same condition. In addition to fever, chest pain, nausea and other symptoms, their lungs have inflammation and swelling. The respiratory disease scientist ThomasHaupt(ThomasHaupt these symptoms are caused by infection. The only thing patients have in common at present is the use of ceramic bong, but we do not know what the tar and steam contain, which requires further investigation. 

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  Vazza(ChuckWarzecha, deputy director of wisconsin's department of health, said the teenagers were hospitalized for shortness of breath and chest pain. "Some people even have to rely on machine-assisted breathing, and the condition gradually improves after treatment, but I don't know if it will have long-term effects," said Wisconsin's Deputy Health Minister Vazza. The AmericanLungAssociation, an American lung association, said earlier that it was worried about possible lung injury caused by ceramic bong. ceramic bong has been on the market for only 15 years, and experts cannot fully understand the possible health threats posed by ceramic bong.

  However, according to a US government survey. S. health bureau, more than 3 people. At present, 6 million teenagers in the United States use ceramic bong. Wisconsin health department data also show that 11% of junior high school students have smoked ceramic bong, the proportion of senior high school students has risen to 32%, and even 20% of students think they are smokers. Due to the variety of tastes of ceramic bong, more than 80% of young smokers said they started smoking from this "approachable" special taste, such as marshmallows, marshmallows, etc.

  Although diamond glass people claim that ceramic bong helps reduce smoking addiction and quit smoking, the World Health Organization (WHO) said at the end of last month that traditional cigarettes still account for 97% of the global tobacco market. Smokers only developed these new products to expand the market and called for new cigarettes to be combined with traditional cigarettes.