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315 party named glass bong king cigarette, glass bong king cigarette industry where to go?

  315 party named glass bong water pipes , glass bong water pipes industry where to go? The 315 party revealed that e-cigarettes are destined to be sleepless nights for glass bong practitioners. The sword of Damocles hanging over the top of the glass bong industry is tottering.

  In 2019, when the year begins, the glass bong water pipes is in full swing, too many impetuous, too many radical entrepreneurs, too many capital hot money, and the prospect and beauty make this controversial industry not very calm.

  Fortunately, this timely rain has alerted everyone to the fact that some speculators who are making money from fresh air have left in succession, while the brand of glass bong that is willing to continue to stick to it is time to stop and think. Whose cheese have you touched? Do you know the harm of glass bong water pipes ? Are you healthy for smokers? Are you replacing cigarettes for smokers? Or is this a good business?

  The controversial glass bong water pipes

  One "substitute" originally designed to quit smoking-glass bong water pipes s, but it seems that "quitting smoking" is no longer the main selling point of its publicity. The controversy over this industry has never stopped:

  Supporters cite a statement released by the British Ministry of Health that e-cigarettes cause 95% less harm than cigarettes.

  However, the counter-party cited the case of banning the sale of glass bong water pipes s in many countries, so it was concluded that there was no need for less cigarettes.

  With the growing ranks of e-cigarettes, the voices of controversy are getting louder and louder.

  Many people attribute it to the cake made of traditional tobacco, while the ambiguous propaganda of glass bong merchants is it not the killer who pushed glass bong into the forefront?

  Behind the chaos is the lack of selection criteria, the lack of market supervision and the serious misleading of consumers by unscrupulous businesses. Many glass bong brand leaders believe that the glass bong chaos has become a "cancer" that disturbs the order of the industry and requires urgent rectification. The glass bong market should be regulated.

  315 party named glass bong water pipes

  The blank market and supervision make entrepreneurs crazy for gold.

  When foreign countries begin to supervise glass bong water pipes s one after another, in China, glass bong water pipes s are still in an environment of rough development and lack of supervision. The huge and blank market makes domestic entrepreneurs look at it one after another:

  The 315-lens test glass bong water pipes is a Yueke product. The monthly sales volume of this brand of cigarettes has reached 60 million, while it only took one year for this brand to achieve today's results.

  Many elites in the industry switched to create glass bong water pipes brands across borders, including flow FLOW of Luo Yonghao Department, firearms glass bong water pipes , yooz Pomelo and LINX of fellow uncle department, BTM Beiye of Capital Department, Wel Whale Light Cigarette, EVOVE Yiwu, etc. More than 10 new glass bong water pipes brands were established. It is estimated that all in came to this racetrack with a pleasing mark.

  However, with the rapid development of glass bong water pipes industry in China, the corresponding supervision failed to keep up with it in time.

  Electronic Cigarette, Golden Triangle Without Supervision

  In the United States and many Asian countries, glass bong water pipes s are classified as "tobacco products" under the supervision of the Tobacco and Grass Bureau. In Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other places, glass bong water pipes s are classified as "pharmaceutical products" to be managed.

  What is worth paying attention to is that Britain and France, similar to the EU, also adopt classified control strategies based on the efficacy of glass bong water pipes s, and treat products that meet the definition of drugs or medical devices as pharmaceuticals for control (the rest as tobacco products).

  In France, for example, when glass bong water pipes s and cigarette oil are used for smoking cessation purposes, they are regarded as pharmaceutical products regardless of the content and concentration of Nicotine. However, if the content of Nicotine is ≥10mg or the concentration of Nicotine is ≥20mg/ml for non-smoking purposes, a medical license shall be applied, and it shall be regarded as a pharmaceutical product after approval.