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Atomization Technology Will Decide Taste Difference as Low Nicotine Age ofsmokeless pipe Cigarette C

  For glass bong cigarettes, the era of low nicotine is coming. A few days ago, the media reported that the national standard for glass bong cigarettes has entered the approval process, or will officially land in October this year. It is reported that the national standard will strictly control glass bong cigarettes from seven aspects, such as cigarette oil and atomizer, and reducing nicotine concentration in cigarette oil will be the top priority.

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  At present, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions have issued clear regulations on nicotine concentration in glass bong cigarettes. Take the EU TPD Act as an example, the nicotine concentration in glass bong cigarette oil should be limited to 20mg/ml, i.e. the nicotine concentration should be below 2%. Industry insiders judge that reducing nicotine concentration is the general trend and 2% will become the baseline of nicotine concentration in future domestic glass bong cigarettes.

  Nicotine concentration in cigarette oil affects the use experience of glass bong cigarette. Higher nicotine concentration will give users a better sense of "hitting the throat" and "satisfaction".

  The head of a contract manufacturing enterprise said that some domestic glass bong cigarette brands rely on ODM/OEM mode and their product technology level is not high, while 3%-5% of cigarette oil has the best taste simulation effect and becomes the choice of most brands. If the national standard of nicotine concentration of 2% is implemented, the entire glass bong cigarette enterprise will face a reshuffle, and the unqualified glass bong cigarette enterprise will be eliminated by the market. For enterprises with research and development capability, how to simulate the smoking taste of real cigarette at 2% concentration will also be a big challenge.

  Looking back on the development history of glass bong cigarettes, atomization technology has always been an important factor in improving the taste of glass bong cigarettes.

  The early glass bong cigarettes used free alkali nicotine tobacco oil, which had poor use experience and a great distance between taste and real cigarettes. In order to solve the problem of "distorted" taste, large smoke equipment came into being. By upgrading the battery voltage, atomization module, output power and other aspects, the large smoke equipment improves the atomization effect of smoke oil, makes up for the taste gap caused by low nicotine concentration, and enables users to obtain the "throat-beating feeling" and "satisfaction feeling" close to real smoke. In addition, some major smog players DIY their own equipment, through fine adjustments to the atomization system, resulting in differentiated and personalized taste experience.

  The author believes that the taste of glass bong cigarette as a substitute determines the success or failure of the product. How to realize the imitation of taste under the requirement of low nicotine in national standard tests the technical strength of every glass bong cigarette enterprise. From now on, atomization technology will become the key to decide the taste difference for a period of time.