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Which is the strongest brand of buy glass pipes cigarette in China? After reading it, you will unde

  Which is the strongest brand of hand blown glass pipes cigarette in China? In recent years, e-cigarette sales have been rising all the way with its fashionable, new and young marketing methods and the label of "colorless, nontoxic, harmless and quitting smoking". Around the hand blown glass pipes cigarette industry, various enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Today, Xiao Bian has organized several major domestic hand blown glass pipes cigarette brands for your reference.

  Which is the strongest brand of hand blown glass pipes cigarette in China? Yueke (Guangdong)

  Yueke was founded in January 2018. It is a very young hand blown glass pipes cigarette brand. Only a few months later, Yueke has become the best selling hand blown glass pipes cigarette in China. In June of the same year, Yueke won 38 million RMB from source code capital investment and IDG capital investment, becoming the darling of capital. Some data show that Yueke hand blown glass pipes cigarette currently has a monthly sales of about 40 million yuan. Investment organizations predict that its new round of financing is expected to reach 800 million US dollars. Yueke is also considered to be the leader in domestic hand blown glass pipes cigarette small cigarettes, reminiscent of JUUL's strong development momentum in that year.

  Electronic cigarette is mainly composed of cigarette rod with battery and chip, atomizer and cigarette bomb/oil, with low technical threshold. The three components that make up the hand blown glass pipes cigarette are also mainly provided by upstream manufacturers, with little addition to the brand itself. As the components and atomization principle of hand blown glass pipes cigarette are basically fixed, all major manufacturers can only make efforts in taste and use experience.

  So far, the development of hand blown glass pipes cigarettes has undergone three generations of changes. The first generation of products rose up in China with the propaganda of "quitting smoking". However, due to the inability to provide enough nicotine, the taste of the products was not good. With CCTV's criticism of the smoking cessation effect, it declined rapidly. The second generation of products mainly increases the amount of smoke by increasing the power to make up for the shortage of the first generation of products by inhalation. Although Great Smog provides more nicotine, many products require DIY by users and have high learning costs. To some extent, it has become a product of Cirrhoian culture and has not been popularized.

  With the innovative development of nicotine salt blending method by PAX laboratory and great success in taste, the third generation of hand blown glass pipes cigarettes (small cigarettes) became as popular as hand blown glass pipes products. JUUL's enthusiasm in foreign markets, Yueke accurately sniffed out business opportunities, and made its contribution earlier in the hand blown glass pipes cigarette market. It can be said that Yueke's success has much to do with the timing of entering the market. Compared with several new e-cigarettes LINX, yooz Pomelo and FLOWFLOW, which were launched in 2019, Yueke was the first to win the investment and endorsement of well-known investment institutions and became famous in the market.

  Apart from the timing of entering the market, Yueke's success is also related to its product positioning. Yueke hand blown glass pipes cigarette mainly focuses on zero cleaning and maintenance and large-capacity cigarette bombs. When in use, zero cleaning and maintenance make the smoke bomb a consumable and throw it away when it is used up. The large-capacity smoke bomb makes it unnecessary for users to carry the smoke bomb box, which can meet the smoking demand of most users when they go out in one day.

  So far, Yueke has launched three generations of pre-filled hand blown glass pipes cigarettes, namely Yueke I, Yueke Alpha and Yueke Ling Point. In use, the three generations of products all use air flow capacitance induction switches, which can be used by direct suction. Because they all use magnetic adsorption to connect the smoke bomb with the smoke rod, it is also very convenient to replace the smoke bomb.

  Yueke Generation will start in 2018 at 299 yuan. Because it entered the Chinese market earlier, its taste performance exceeded that of many low-cost small cigarettes at that time. In addition, atomizer is also the most critical component of small cigarette. Its material, air intake mode, specifications and structure can affect the atomizing taste of cigarette oil. Yueke Electronic Cigarette adopts Maxwell FEELM ceramic atomizing technology and is also the first small cigarette brand in China to choose FEELM heating element. FEELM atomization technology uses ceramics forged at high temperature as the carrier. This ceramic has a large number of honeycomb-shaped capillary pores inside, which is more conducive to uniform penetration of tobacco oil and heating atomization. It retains and improves the original characteristics of common ceramic cores such as "pure taste" and "rich layering". Compared with traditional cotton cores, FEELM ceramic atomization technology increases 52% of the smoke volume while also greatly improving nicotine transmission efficiency.

  The FEELM honeycomb atomizer contains tens of thousands of honeycomb micropores with a diameter of about 0.01mm, which can fully atomize smoke oil and is beneficial to preventing oil leakage while bringing more exquisite taste. It is worth noting that oil leakage is a common fault in the hand blown glass pipes steam and tobacco industry. All manufacturers cannot completely eliminate oil leakage, and Yue Ke is the same. However, Yueke Atomizer has undergone several generations of upgrading and improvement, greatly reducing the oil leakage rate of smoke bombs. Yueke also provides free replacement service for oil-leaking smoke bombs.

  Hyatt Alpha, which costs 399 yuan, is the second generation of Hyatt products. Compared with the previous generation, Alpha has made improvements in many places, changing the USB charging interface to Type-C, and adding nicotine alert function. If you smoke 15 in 10 minutes, the fuselage will vibrate. In the suction experience, Yueke Alpha adopts four generations of FEELM atomizing cores, which increases the contact area between the smoke liquid and the atomizer and has better paste prevention function than Yueke Generation. Not only that, Alpha's annular airway design is more similar to real smoke in suction resistance than the generation with straight airway design, and has good performance in smoke bomb condensation prevention and oil leakage prevention.

  Yueke Ling Dian is Yueke's third-generation product and sells for 450 yuan. In the selection of atomizing core, Lingdian also adopted FEELM's fourth generation atomizing core, with good atomizing quality. Compared with the products of the first two generations of Yueke, Lingdian focuses on intelligent experience. After connecting with RELX ME APP on the mobile phone, it can record taste preference, use number, nicotine intake and other data, and visually perceive the use experience. In addition, Lingdian also has the function of intelligent child lock, which can cut off electricity through APP to prevent minors from using it.

  The blending of cigarette oil is an important factor affecting the taste of hand blown glass pipes cigarettes. Yueke and other major brands of hand blown glass pipes cigarettes have professional cigarette oil blending technicians and are very precise in adjusting the taste of cigarette bombs. At present, Yueke has introduced many flavors including mint, mung bean, flue-cured tobacco and so on, which have received good response from users. Judging from the number of flavors, Yueke Generation has 17 kinds of smoke bomb flavors, while Alpha and Lingdian have fewer, less than 10 kinds, retaining the highly recommended flavors such as mung bean and mint.

  In addition, Yueke Electronic Smoke Bomb adopts organic nicotine salt formula, and nicotine concentration is divided into 3% and 5%. The 5% smoke bomb has a strong sense of hitting the throat and is suitable for users who have just changed from traditional cigarettes. The 3% concentration smoke bomb has a weak sense of hitting the throat and is suitable for users who do not glass pipes for smoking too much.