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Glass pipes for sale brand data report: E-cigarette brand sa value 1000

  What does the sa value of glass pipes for smoking cigarette brand 1000 really mean?

  "No one wants to miss the next drop", hand blown glass pipes has become the tuyere of this year. Even though the U.S. market is constantly fluctuating and the prospect is unknown, hand blown glass pipes brands are still springing up like mushrooms and have not become an obstacle to capital entry.

  In the 20 countries covered by "Tobacco Market Link", each region has a list of SA values of local market brands. SA values are "S", that is, the data of sales volume and "A", which are concerned by users. After the two are processed into indexes through algorithm standardization, they are given the result of superposition of different weights.

  The SA value of glass pipes for smoking cigarette brand 1000 represents the number one brand in the local market, and the local sales volume and user attention are the highest brands.

  There is only one brand with a SA value of 1,000 in each region. Among the nearly 400 domestic and foreign active glass pipes for smoking cigarette brands listed in the tobacco market, only a handful can maintain a SA value of 1,000 in one or more countries for a period of time.

  01, Europe and the United States major hot market brand position is difficult to shake

  From the beginning of this year to October, among the top European and American countries (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Canada) exporting for half a year, JUUL has long occupied the top brand SA value of 1000 in the United States and Canada, SMOK in the United kingdom, IQOS in Russia and Eleaf in France.

  Apart from the first place, the top three brands in these major markets are hard to shake, and the SA values of the 2nd and 3rd brands differ greatly from that of the 1st brand. the SA value of the 3rd brand is less than half of the SA value of the 1st brand for a long time, and the SA value of the brand only hovers around 400.

  02. Emerging markets have unlimited potential and more challenges.

  Different from popular markets, some emerging markets (Germany, France, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia) have big fluctuations in the top three monthly brand rankings, and the difference between the SA values of the 2nd and 3rd brands and the SA value of the 1st brand is small, with a difference of only 7 at the very least.

  In these markets, brands such as smoant, geekvape, eleaf and smok have occupied the first place. Take Malaysia as an example. The SA value of smoant brand is 1,000 from January to February, changed to smok in March, occupied by the new brand relx from April to August, returned to first place in September, and is currently the highest IQOS in October, with weekly changes varying. Many brands such as Artery, Hcigar and Nanostix also returned to first place once a week.

  03, brand change sea road

  Compared with the past, as long as it was a brand manufacturer of overseas glass pipes for smoking cigarettes, the first focus was on the larger markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom, while the emerging markets such as Southeast Asia were ignored. New brands that would be marketed in the industry appeared, leaving aside the large markets and focusing on the emerging markets, and soon got better feedback from the market. More and more brands began to lay out the emerging markets.

  According to the data feedback from the tobacco market, 141 brands have been distributed in new markets since January, with new brands entering new markets, while Italy, Philippines, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries have higher frequency.

  The potential of head brands is strong, and the potential of new brands cannot be underestimated. Miracles do not occur frequently, but surprises occur constantly. The use of "Tobacco Market Link" helps to make more accurate marketing layout decisions and better grasp opportunities.