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Glass pipes for sale is an irresistible trend

  Glass pipes for sale is an irresistible trend

  Smoking traditional cigarettes is not cool anymore. "Smokers" flock to glass pipes for sale. In late 2018, as people across the country were discussing ways to cut wages and keep their jobs in the cold winter, Juul, an American start-up, announced a $2 billion year-end bonus for its employees, equivalent to an average of $1.3 million per employee. The company, which has a 70% share of the closed glass pipes for sale market in the U.S., just took a huge $12.8 billion stake from tobacco giant altria, valuing it at $38 billion, up from $15 billion six months ago.

  While the glass pipes for sale company represented by Juul has become popular in the United States, the glass pipes for sale industry in China has also seen rapid development in recent years. From 2017 to 2018, many newly established glass pipes for sale companies have obtained investment from domestic VC.

  It is rumored in all corners of the country that crosstalk bigwigs who produce mobile phones for wenqing talked about the feasibility of entering the bureau glass pipes for sale after visiting BAT to seek a contract. Another "we media uncle" who once sold the public account of famous constellation for 200 million yuan to cash out, wanted to "All in" glass pipes for sale after the incubator and MCN were set up without news. For a moment, felt that "the first glass pipes for sale for young people" in China was on the way.

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  With 300 million users, absolute "just demand", and a potential market worth tens of billions of dollars, the glass pipes for sale industry has all the conditions to fly into the wind outlet.

  Glass pipes for sale

  "I didn't expect the domestic market to heat up so quickly." "Said liu jihui, founder of refined salt technology, in an interview with chinadialogue. Founded in late 2016, refined salt technology received financing in early 2017. However, because he has been studying the technology of atomizer, glass pipes for sale of 100 million fog of refined salt products officially entered the market in 2018. Liu jihui joked that he "got up early and caught up late".

  Data show that in 2018, glass pipes for sale startup company has obtained over one hundred million yuan of investment from capital, among which there are some first-line investments such as source code capital, IDG and an investment institution. It can be seen that capital pays attention to the glass pipes for sale track.

  Liu jihui entered the glass pipes for sale industry in 2011, and was responsible for overseas sales at the largest glass pipes for sale tobacco and oil company in China at that time. A few years later, liu founded the company and started his own tobacco oil OEM business, paving the way for the later establishment of refined salt technology.

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  In 2011, glass pipes for sale market in Europe and America was in its embryonic stage. Eight years ago, Chinese pharmacist han li developed and launched "like smoke", which is recognized as the originator of modern glass pipes for sale. Although the taste and use of the product can not be said in a day, but smoke entered Europe and the United States, completed the education to the market, opened the major manufacturers of glass pipes for sale after the era of competition.

  The development potential of glass pipes for sale

  Juul pipes for sale, a product of the same name launched in 2015, has accounted for 70% of the closed glass pipes for sale market in the United States in just three years, with an annual turnover of more than 1.5 billion us dollars (it is also believed that more than 2 billion us dollars). On the one hand, the fashionable appearance and design make Juul break through the glass pipes for sale with its unique nicotine salt technology.

  Starting from smoke, the most mainstream solution of glass pipes for sale is to heat nicotine containing tobacco oil to produce smoke. However, early glass pipes for sale were limited in the amount of nicotine available to users due to technical problems. Headache cure head, practitioners given solution is to increase the battery power, increase the atomizer, it can give more nicotine, but also make glass pipes for sale of smoke and became very exaggerated modelling - was supposed to be for tobacco products, the results and tattoos, rap music, become the world's one of the symbols of youth subculture.

  Thus, the smoke "descendants" bifurcated, a "big belly" into a cloud of smoke "big smoke"; An internal exercise, through the improvement of nicotine salt atomization technology, in addition to maintaining the glass pipes for sale compact design, significantly increase users' nicotine intake.

  "Later closed glass pipes for sale (small smoke) stood on Juul's shoulders." Liu said. Small, convenient and with enough nicotine content, the up-and-coming "little smoke" becomes a track with real potential for glass pipes for sale. As a "smoke replacement" tool for the country's 300 million smokers, it is obviously more suitable for "telling a story".