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Glass water bong market scale, Internet "smoke making"

  According to the data, the global glass water bong market has exceeded $10 billion, among which the glass water bong market in the United States reached $5.5 billion in 2017, followed by Italy, the United Kingdom, France and other developed countries in Europe and the United States. However, while the us and Europe are the main force behind glass water bong, 90% of the world's glass water bong production is domestically produced. Similar to mobile phones, a full glass water bong supply chain can be quickly found in shenzhen with the right people. There is a saying that it only takes 5 million yuan to build a glass water bong brand. However, this is the situation in 2017, it is said that the offer has now been increased to 20 million.

  The technology is basically mature, the product profit is not low, good at "mode innovation" Internet players have entered the game time. In the newly established glass water bong start-up company in the past two years, most of its teams contain Internet genes. Compared with the "predecessors" of glass water bong who have been doing contract manufacturing and exporting in shenzhen, the "new tobacco" company is superior in marketing and marketing ability, while the basic research and development is relatively poor. Of course, this is also related to the small domestic glass water bong market. Currently, the domestic glass water bong market is about 3 billion to 5 billion yuan, which is only a fraction of the overseas market. Many large domestic glass water bong manufacturers still focus on Europe and the United States, rather than the domestic market. Technically speaking, Juul's similar glass water bong is divided into two parts, one is a smoke tube with heater and battery, the other is a smoke bomb with atomizer and smoke oil. The battery, chip and heater in the smoke pipe do not have too much technical content, the difference is not big, the real difficulty is in the smoke oil and atomizer part.

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  As mentioned above, Juul made its debut by improving the atomization technology of nicotine salt. If glass water bong is to be improved on the bottom layer, further research and development on the utilization efficiency of nicotine salt is needed. The other one is the atomizer. At the bottom of each glass water bong bomb, there is a plastic part, which is the "little smoke" atomizer. The humble device performs some of glass water bong's most important functions: inhaling, absorbing oil, heating, atomizing, and fogging. These features sound easy, but they're hard to get right. Liu said that at present, whether domestic or foreign, the atomizer can not achieve the same high yield as other electronic products, even Juul smoke bombs, oil leakage phenomenon is very common.

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  "To be a good atomizer, we need a new breakthrough in basic materials science." Liu explained that the refined salt team had tried to improve the development of a better atomizer, but after a long time of efforts, the prototype was too expensive to be useful, because the "small smoke" smoke bomb is a one-time, disposable, must control the cost. Of course, technological breakthroughs are not the focus of all teams. For most teams, the current quality of glass water bong is actually good enough to be sold on e-commerce platforms. One of the six home-made glass water bong bought by China online has an oil leak, while two of them have carbon accumulation due to the atomizer problem. Although it is 50% yield, the after-sales service is good, as long as the problem is sent back to the company, that is, free compensation for the same smoke bomb -- good product is not enough, the service to gather together.