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8 Departments Jointly Control Smoke: Prevent Teenagers from Going astray by glass bong

  On November 7, the reporter learned from the National Health and Health Commission that the National Health and Health Commission, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the National glass bong and Grass Bureau, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Women's Federation jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening glass bong Control for Adolescents" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which will carry out comprehensive publicity and standardized management of electronic cigarette hazards. Do not promote glass bongs china as a way to quit smoking, and advocate teenagers to stay away from electronic cigarettes. Not allowed to sell glass bongs china to minors. Effectively prevent teenagers from straying into electronic cigarettes. In recent years, the usage rate of glass bongs china in China has shown an obvious upward trend among the youth population. The "Notice" pointed out that the components of the electronic cigarette smoke liquid and the second-hand smoke (including aerosol) generated by the electronic cigarette smoke liquid are not safe, and there is no conclusive evidence that the electronic cigarette can help effectively quit smoking. We should actively promote the prohibition of smoking glass bongs china in public places in local tobacco control legislation, amendment and enforcement. In combination with special actions such as comprehensive treatment around primary and secondary schools, various market players should be warned not to sell glass bongs china to minors, especially through the Internet. Wang Kean, former president of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and former director of the New Exploration Health Development Research Center, said that e-cigarette has four main hazards: first, the main ingredient in e-cigarette is nicotine, excessive intake of nicotine can endanger life, and nicotine addiction is a disease; Second, glass bongs china release aerosols, which contain ethylene glycol, aldehydes, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals, silicate particles, etc., many of which are known carcinogens; Third, e-cigarette can cause some diseases, such as lung diseases, epilepsy, asthma and allergy. Long-term use will increase the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and other diseases. Fourth, in order to increase the attractiveness of electronic cigarettes, manufacturers of glass bongs china add various additives, such as chocolate flavor, coffee flavor, lemon flavor, etc., to the cigarette liquid to attract young people to use, and these additives or flavoring agents amount to tens of thousands. However, harmful substances will be produced after heating, thus posing health risks. Judging from the global prevalence of electronic cigarettes, the number of young people using glass bongs china has increased significantly. Xiao Lin, a researcher at the glass bong Control Office of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that according to the data of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the use rate of glass bongs china among senior high school students in the United States was about 1.5% in 2011 and rose to 20.8% by 2018. The number of people aged 15 and above using glass bongs china in our country is about 10 million. In 2014, China's youth tobacco epidemic survey showed that 1.2% of junior high school students used glass bongs china within 30 days. According to Xinhua News Agency report in Washington, the latest data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that as of October 29, 1888 confirmed and probable lung diseases related to the use of glass bongs china had been reported in the United States, with at least 37 deaths. Hu Dayi, director of the Institute of Cardiology of Peking University People's Hospital and president of China glass bong Control Association, said glass bongs china can also be addictive. Healthy China must start with teenagers, and the harm of glass bongs china should be given full attention by the society. He called on the whole society to pay attention to and recognize the harm of electronic cigarettes. In particular, teenagers are urged to stay away from traditional tobacco and electronic cigarettes.