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Trump: Will Meet with Industry Representatives to Solve "glass bong Dilemma"

  Beijing time, nov 12, us president trump said on Monday that he would meet with representatives of the glass bong industry to solve the current "e-cigarette dilemma."

  Trump also said on social media that children's health and safety and related industry work will be the focus of the meeting.

  The Trump government said in September that it would enact a ban on the sale of flavored smokeless pipe products, but was strongly opposed by the e-cigarette industry and e-cigarette advocates. They said the ban would deprive many people of their jobs and deprive people who use the product to replace traditional cigarettes of their choice.

  Public health experts have been urging the government to ban flavored smokeless pipe for years and warning that smokeless pipe will burn down years of efforts to reduce the smoking rate among teenagers.

  Trump said last Friday that a final decision will be released this week on electronic cigarette products, raising the minimum age for buying electronic cigarettes from 18 to about 21.

  Juul, the head shop giant, announced earlier that it would immediately stop selling mint-flavored electronic cigarettes in the United States because of new signs that such products are becoming more and more popular among American teenagers.