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It was water pipe that ignited the first wave of revelry in 2020.

  Earlier this year, glass water pipes for sale angel investor and founding partner of Plum Blossom Ventures wrote in a circle of friends: "What is the hottest hardware enterprise in China recently? The answer is: water pipe!

  Luo Yonghao, Uncle Tong Dao, Zhu Xiaomu and others joined one by one. The new company has upgraded from RELX, Flow, Moti, LINX, Yoo and other brands, and has seized the wind outlet of water pipe from technology and Internet entrepreneurs from Ivy League and Yishuang brands. These invaders used the Internet to exploit Xinjiang and expand their territory. They were highly sought after by major mainstream organizations. It is said that they could give up all their investment quotas in order to obtain RELX's investment quota.

  But then, the "3.15" party named the water pipe industry as the broken water pipe industry, pouring cold water on the hot industry. many people expressed concern about the future development of water pipe and even put forward the view of whether the whole industry should be "cool".

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  However, the wind passed quickly, and water pipe continued to cover its eyes under the "three noes" rule. With the increase of funds, the water pipe industry soon ushered in a bright moment. According to incomplete statistics, since June 2018, the total amount of financing in the water pipe industry has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and most start-ups can obtain tens of millions of yuan in the first round of financing.

  On November 1 this year, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of Market Supervision issued bans on selling water pipes to minors, selling lead water pipes through the Internet and publishing water pipe advertisements through the Internet. As soon as the water pipe ban came into effect, major e-commerce platforms and online stores began to fall off the shelves, and the situation changed dramatically.

  Now there is basically no more organized throwing of water pipe. Today, China's mainstream VCs are surprisingly consistent in expressing the same view.

  In 2020, after going through roller coaster madness, the plastic water pipe industry finally returned to its original mode of operation.