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The accidental death of a jet water pipe company in 2020

  After four months of preparation, team building, marketing and channel expansion, Su Rong did not expect to see his boss Yan Jia for the last time.

  The reason for cheap water pipes is that Yan Jia went to a CVS store and wanted to bring back the disposable jet water pipe, but the owner did not know the owner and did not give it to him, so he had to let the young people in the store come over. Yan Jia hurried to call the police, the shopkeeper and Yan Jia. Even Su Rong, a young man from this channel, entered the police station together.

  The reason given by Yan Jia is that the move sales are not good, so we should take the goods back. However, water pipes for sale Su Rong did not understand why the boss did not just say hello, but sneaked onto his collection and even influenced him to enter the police station.

  This is only the tip of the iceberg.

  In fact, in four months, Yan Jia, a start-up company called "Love‘s Prey", experienced layoffs. Besides executives and founders, there are also a series of tricks, such as the boss destroying evidence and the late-night office deadlock. Behind the contradictions are back pay, unpaid wages and employees without labor contracts.

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  Today, with the exception of a few employees in the Beijing office of Love, most of the employees were fired. A former employee started a foreign trade company in his circle of friends, and the salary arrears were even paid with goods.

  In addition to losing millions of dollars, everyone's energy and sweat have also been wiped away.

  Love' sprey, a jet water pipe company, is ostensibly affected by the "power outage". In fact, most people who want to make quick money are trapped in the mire, but in the mixed water pipe smoking industry, they are more likely to see the appearance of greed.