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The end of e-cigarettes?

  The first second was still devouring clouds, the second like a stick in the throat.

  On the night of March 15, zhu kai, who was born in the 1990s, sat in front of a TV set as usual and opened up his consumption for the past year.However, the e-cigarette in his hand was still on the list until he had shaken up the spicy gluten section glass pipes.In zhu's own words, "I was a little confused for a while.I don't know if I want another drink.

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  Zhukai claimed that he was not addicted to smoking at all.Due to the social demands of his work, he occasionally smokes one or two cigarettes.A month ago, he quietly noticed that many of his friends were using e-cigarettes, holding them in their hands.

  Zhu kai, who successfully joined the club, even went to an offline store to experience it.With the warm hospitality of his boss, he finally chose and bought a suit carved by the more popular new e-cigarette brand RELX, plus four boxes of smoke oil rigs bombs with different fruit flavors, for a total of 600 yuan, about 100 yuan cheaper than e-commerce channels.

  This has not been attracted by CCTV for a month, zhukai has a kind of "capital trap" feeling.

  CCTV threw cold water on the idea: I don't accept it

  Unlike foggy consumers, e-cigarette practitioners seem to have been predicting this for a long time.Smartisan 001 employee zhu xiaomu, founder of Flow Fulu e-cigarette, announced a new development two and a half hours before the live party broadcast: friends, tonight's 315 is exciting and has never been more nervous about a party.

  All in all, the CCTV financial channel 3.15 party directly exposed in 2019 is the first outlet e-cigarette.Like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes use nicotine-containing smoke and can be smoked for long periods of time, the programme revealed.

  Meanwhile, a growing body of research confirms that e-cigarettes also cool water pipes release harmful substances.The high levels of propylene glycol and glycerol detected in smoke don't often show up in the air we breathe.If you smoke for a long time, combined with heating, it can be a threat to the health of smokers and passive smokers to some extent.

  While the party didn't name specific products or manufacturers directly, those few minutes were enough to worry e-cigarette players.To avoid the storm of public opinion, e-commerce giants such as suning, Tmall and even blocked the key words of "e-cigarette" on the platform for the first time.

  Then, the electronic ring blew up the marijuana.Some people have shouted "no e-cigarettes", but there must be people who have chased them, saying: "you don't know anything about e-cigarettes."Yang rui, who runs an e-cigarette shop, is also unhappy: "this is another group of amateurs in trouble."We haven't seen any soot yet.We don't know where to find it."If we know anything about e-cigarettes, we're free to retort.

  Meanwhile, new e-cigarette practitioners on social platforms say the reference glass bongs should be cigarettes, which, no matter how harmful, are negligible compared to cigarettes.There is another voice among them: "it's just the cake of traditional tobacco."

  You have to earn what you want.

  The complaints camp was strong, but others were excited and made fun of CCTV's propaganda: on the other hand, the party also gave those who didn't know what e-cigarettes were a good chance to make money.

  The next day, Yang rui immediately cleared the shop of all the smoke oil, bought a large number of "atomized smoke" RELX, engraved with the "superior agent."I went to pick it up this morning. There was nothing unusual.Perhaps the industry is seen as a huge opportunity for RELXYueke, as long as it passes special ops after March 15, it will still be a few blocks away from other brands.

  Yang rui seems to be particularly optimistic about RELX yueshao, the store has been transformed into a RELX yueshao store.I mentioned the Flow Fulu brokers before, but when I saw their current level of agency was average, it was difficult to rely on their brand, so I changed my mind.