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Firearms glass bong wholesale to be valued at 3 billion! U.S. Capital Crocodile Enters Third-Party

  Recently, Bolton Huashang held its 2019 annual shareholders' meeting. According to a participant, shareholders, including Bolton Group, raised their estimate of firearms to 3 billion RMB, and are in contact with several well-known US capital institutions, including well-known investment institutions that have invested in Cisco, Oracle and Ali.

  Create "Chinese JUUL"

  In recent years, glass bong king cigarettes have developed rapidly and their popularity has not decreased. With the improvement of industrial maturity, glass bong king cigarettes will also face the situation of tightening and reshuffling. According to insiders, at the shareholders' meeting, Wang Mingfan, chairman of Bolton Group, expressed satisfaction with the development and market performance of firearms and expressed his willingness to continue to increase investment in economic and channel construction to turn firearms into a more energetic enterprise.

  Some people in the industry said that Bolton's move was aimed at turning firearms into a "Chinese version of JUUL".

  First from the left: Fan Jingyu, chairman of firearms; middle: Wang Mingfan, chairman of Bolton; first from the right: Ma Jing, general manager of firearms.

  Juul e-cigarette is called an epoch-making e-cigarette product by the industry. As the leading e-cigarette product in the United States, it has an estimated value of 38 billion US dollars and accounts for 30% of the U.S. e-cigarette market. It is definitely a phenomenal e-cigarette explosive product.

  Let's look at the performance of glass bong king firearms cigarettes in recent years. Three months after the new firearms products were launched, they achieved an amazing performance of "200,000 sets of main engines and 3 million cigarette bombs per month". It took only 256 hours to recruit 31 provincial agents from China and Southeast Asia, covering 26 provinces and cities including Taiwan and 4 countries in Southeast Asia.

  Whether it is from the products of firearms themselves or from the market performance, firearms have the potential factor of achieving "explosion models". With the support of Bolton Group, China Tobacco's only second spice supplier, it is not impossible that firearms can become "China's JUUL".

  U.S. Capital Crocodile Led Firearm Electronic Smoke

  However, what is even more interesting is that after the meeting there were rumors that the shareholders' valuation of firearms was raised to 3 billion RMB, and they are in contact with several well-known US capital institutions, including some well-known investment institutions that have invested in Cisco, Oracle and Ali.

  In 2019, there will be a concentrated outbreak of enterprises that have received financing in the glass bong king cigarette industry. Previously, people engaged in the mobile phone industry and the Internet industry entered one after another, and a number of "Internet celebrities" such as Luo Yonghao also started to set foot in the glass bong king cigarette industry. Some people joked: "5 million will make an e-cigarette brand and 50 million will go straight to the finals."

  Two years after its establishment, firearms glass bong king cigarette has been estimated to be worth 3 billion yuan. There are also rumors that third-party financing will soon be launched and US capital predators will enter the market. It is not difficult to see that more and more investors are entering or have entered the glass bong king cigarette circuit, while firearms that are about to receive a new round of financing have some more advantages in the competitive glass bong king cigarette market.

  Sources from the investment circle and the glass bong king cigarette industry know that in the upcoming third-party financing of firearms, many well-known investment companies hope to lead the financing, but the specific amount of financing is unknown.

  In the glass bong king cigarette market where capital is dormant, it is inevitable that another fierce battle will take place in the second half. Whoever wins the favor of capital and the market first will have the right to speak.