Company dynamics

The glass bong cigarette brand "Redhot Hot Hot" has completed millions of RMB angel wheel financing

  On September 3, according to Ren Wanqi, CEO of Shenzhen Tuyuan Yi Jie Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Redhot Hot Hot Hot Brand, Redhot Brand has recently completed a multi-million dollar angel round of financing.

  It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for product research and development, rich product lines, market expansion and team expansion of Redhot Hot Hot Fun Stick glass bong king cigarette series. Speaking of this round of financing, Ren Wanqi said that he could develop product series as soon as possible and produce them in large quantities, enrich the layout of glass bong king cigarette products at the front end, and increase the investment in promotion. Developing several products can effectively solve the pain points of some users, on the other hand, it can attract more excellent partners to join.

  In the current glass bong king cigarette market, Redhot has quietly entered all channels under T3 city without interest, and the market has also given the best feedback. According to the data, Redhot has reached the plan of "100 Cities and Thousand Stores" to be put on the counter in less than 2 months since it was listed on the market. It has spread all over the streets and lanes of T3 city, once again verifying the market truth of "good products can talk".