Company dynamics

Glass bong water pipes Cigarette Becomes Next Billion Market, WIPPO Skits Won Million Funds to Overp

  On august 14, WIPPO sketch, as a new show in the field of glass bong cigarette, won the first round of ten million-level capital financing for an industrial chain. Financing funds will continue to be used for product research and development, support channels with high-frequency consumption scenarios, and layout of overseas markets such as Southeast Asia.

  WIPPO sketch team gathered a group of elites from internet, fast fading, glass bong cigarette, essence and spice industries. most of the members of the team are glass bong cigarette enthusiasts. they have a deep understanding of the products and are very persistent in "good products", "good quality" and "good experience", which are consistent with ALD values.

  In the past six months, the sketch team has invested a lot of money and energy, and has been experimenting and polishing. In the near future, a new product WIPPO PRO will be introduced to replace the bullet and atomize the smoke. The first application will be silmo3.0 honeycomb ceramic atomizing core, which is strategically cooperated with Zhuoli Energy Company. This atomization technology has attracted much attention in the industry. WIPPO's new products are very competitive in terms of reduction and atomization compared with their counterparts.

  The founder of WIPPO sketch thinks, "according to the current penetration rate in the domestic glass bong cigarette market, the current glass bong cigarette market is still in its early stage, and consumers need more products with better experience and quality and more standard. Good products, they can speak; Only good products can be widely circulated. As for the market, how to find out the terminal consumption scenario and control the terminal sales is the key to the sustainability of the business. Therefore, the following wipo sketches will set up a wipo sketch community and put in some support to strengthen communication and interaction with distributors and consumers, promote reverse optimization of products, and truly involve consumers in product development and brand building. "

  Overtaking on the track is a big challenge, but with good product and service blessing, i believe WIPPO sketches will also make glass bong king  contributions in the industry.