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July 2019 Domestic Glass pipes for smoking Cigarette Brand Cigarette Rod Shipping Rankings

  The hand blown glass pipes world released a list of "July 2019 domestic hand blown glass pipes brand cigarette rod shipment list", which ranked the TOP15 of the number of cigarette rods shipped by domestic hand blown glass pipes brands in July.

  According to the list, relx yueke, the "boss" of electronic cigarettes in China, shipped 700,000 cartridges in July, well ahead of the first place, with MOTI magic flute and flowfulu in second and third place respectively, with shipments of 115,000 and 100,000 respectively.

  Interestingly, Xiao Ye, which just won Guanxi as the brand spokesperson at the end of August and for which Lao Luo has been devoting all his efforts, has shipped 100,000 units as much as FLOW FORU, but I don't know why it is ranked fourth. (This is a bit of a business. Wouldn't it be nice to have two people tied for third place? )

  In addition, industry veteran Gippro Dragon Dance and ammo Firearms came in fifth and sixth respectively, and "Internet Red" brands yooz, Xuejia and LINX also entered the list one after another.