Company dynamics

Glass pipes spoon brand pressure Alexander's top priority is to inventory

  In previous years, this was the peak season for the production and marketing of buy glass pipes cigarettes and the busiest time for the recruitment and production of buy glass pipes cigarette factories. Orders would not be received.

  However, what is the most important thing to ask the hand blown glass pipesbrand at present, that is, 6 words: go to stock! Go to stock! Go to stock! Layoffs! Layoffs! Layoffs!

  Li Qing, an hand blown glass pipespractitioner, said that the online ban on the "cold water" before the 11th of the 12th of the month had caught hand blown glass pipesbrands and agents off guard.

  He revealed that he also does e-commerce business, but does not do online hand blown glass pipesbusiness. His company's turnover in the double eleven is 10~15 times of the usual turnover. "If you think about it like this, you can guess how much goods brand dealers and agents have stocked up."

  In order to prepare for the Double Eleven, many brand merchants have prepared at least several million yuan of inventory. Now this part of inventory is not only indigestible, but also subsequent orders have become a problem, and the entire industry is facing unprecedented pressure.

  Nowadays, online channels have been blocked. Not only have e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Tmall and Taobao removed hand blown glass pipesproducts, but Baidu maps, Gaud maps and public comments have also blocked the keyword "e-cigarette" and cannot be retrieved. Only online and offline channels can be used to handle hoarding and withdraw funds. Faced with the serious overstock in stock, some even adjusted the price to a few dollars and sold it at a capital cost.

  In the circle of friends, last week saw some employees saying, "the buy glass pipes cigarette industry has crashed, and the inventory is completely cleared!" No matter the cost, there is nothing left! " A photo of the goods being cleared.

  However, it is not so easy to sell goods offline. The urgency of the policy, reports of demonization in the media and excessive law enforcement by some local tobacco and grass bureaus have already triggered a chain reaction: dealers are afraid to sell, consumers think buy glass pipes cigarette products are harmful, and suppliers also feel that the market is not in the right direction and demand payment, causing panic in the entire industry.

  In the streets of Xixiang, Shajing, Fuyong and Songgang in Bao 'an District of Shenzhen, there are 600 hand blown glass pipesmanufacturers in dozens of square kilometers of streets, producing 90% of the world's e-cigarettes. It is truly a "fog valley" in the world. Now, Mist Valley seems to have suddenly stopped breathing.

  Accompanied by the reduction or even "partial disappearance" of buy glass pipes cigarette orders, the entire industrial chain of the buy glass pipes cigarette industry is experiencing a severe pain of life and death from brand manufacturers to substitute factories and from substitute factories to upstream suppliers.