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How can hand blown glass pipes cigarette brands quickly open the offline situation?

  How can glass pipes for smoking cigarette brands quickly open the offline situation? The coming month is blood shed for glass pipes for smoking cigarette brands, with three bans:

  1. Online sales ban

  2. Online ban on advertising

  3. Prohibit the sale of minors

  At the same time, the line down said that the glass pipes for smoking cigarette counters in large shopping malls have a tendency not to open or renew their contracts (such as wanda plaza). Predictably, glass pipes custom brands will disappear in a large area, and it will become more and more difficult to recruit agents for glass pipes custom brands.

  All glass pipes custom brands have to consider offline sales as a top priority. Some glass pipes custom brands think offline sales is a matter for agents to consider, but most agents cannot do a good job of marketing under the current regulatory measures.

  A responsible glass pipes custom brand should have a win-win mentality, empower agents, teach people to fish, and enable agents to deliver goods continuously and effectively, so as to form a snowball effect and develop for a long time and healthily.

  Scene sales of glass pipes customs through intelligent vending machines are the most worthwhile offline sales method for glass pipes custom brands because:

  1. Conform to regulatory policies and protect minors

  2. The agent does not press the goods and the fund is recovered quickly.

  3. Real-time control of sales data and flexible adjustment

  4. The software system makes landing easy and easy to distribute, market and operate.

  5. Low cost and high input-output ratio

  How can glass pipes for smoking cigarette brands quickly open the offline situation? E-cigarette glass pipes custom brands can take the following actions to empower agents and quickly open up offline sales situations:

  1. Promote subsidized vending machines to existing agents and seize terminal sales points

  2. Create demonstration projects by oneself or by supporting agents, and obtain first-hand data and experience