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Considering the health of military personnel, the South Korean army has banned atomized glass bong .

  South Korea's Defense Ministry said on the 11th that it is forbidden to hold and smoke atomized glass bongin military barracks.

  Defense Ministry spokesman Cui xianzhu said at a press conference: "considering the health of the soldiers, we issued guidelines last month urging them not to use atomized electronic cigarettes."

  Yonhap quoted another military official as saying that according to this policy, it is forbidden to bring atomized glass bong into camps and smoke them until the causal relationship between lung diseases and atomized glass bong is determined.

  The report said that if serious lung injury cases suspected to be associated with e-cigarettes were found in military personnel, the army should report to the South Korean Ministry of Defense according to the guidelines of the disease prevention and control department.

  South Korea's Ministry of Health and Welfare last month cited several cases of glass bong in the United States, suggesting that the public stop using atomized glass bong germany and promising to determine as soon as possible whether the sale of glass bong should be banned.

  South Korea last month saw a case of pneumonia associated with e-cigarettes. The patient was 30 years old. Earlier this month, there was another respiratory disease suspected to be associated with electronic cigarettes.

  South Korea has banned mini bong in restaurants, cafes and other indoor places since 2015. The United States, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan and other countries have taken measures to prohibit or restrict the sale of some electronic cigarette products.