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From high-end products to ready - made products platinum to achieve deep plow technology track overt

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       Platinum recently announced a new line of off-the-shelf bio water pipes called brin. Official figures show that platinum's new brin has a 330-milliampere battery and 2.5 milliliters of smoky oil, which has a far higher smoke capacity than similar products on the market.

  Platinum's new product, the allocation of 2.5 milliliters of smoke capacity, has become a new benchmark for the industry and is indicative of platinum's ambitions in the small smoke market, practitioners say.

  According to reports, as a few high-end circles of e-cigarette brand platinum, the strategy is now to move towards popularity, with the launch of new brin being the "killer" to enter the mass market.Wang zeqi thinks, this year is the watershed of electronic cigarette, platinum has been adhering to the product of careful budget, brand core strategy, with a few high-end quality and technology into the mass market, platinum is still very confident.

  Shortly after the midyear launch of e-commerce, the boulder platinum oil rigs ranked no. 5 on the e-cigarette hot list."I didn't do any marketing, let alone participate in a marketing price war, and the fact that we still managed to do this in the highest price market for platinum is a testament to the recognition of platinum.""Said wang zeqi, chairman and CEO of borde platinum.

  In platinum's just-released new brin-ready e-cigarette, you can see the obvious features of platinum's marketing strategy: it not only USES a 330-milliampere battery and 2.5 milliliters of smoky oil, but it is at least 67% higher than the mainstream products on the market.It is already the first disposable cigarette product with the highest capacity in the world, but its price is still 49 yuan, which has a price advantage in the market.

  "2.5 milliliters of smoke cannot be achieved by increasing the volume alone. There are some technical bottlenecks that need to be broken."Mr. Wang said platinum had made a lot of preparations for the launch of the product, from the smoke storage to the sprayer. The core cooperation not only did not lower the standard of the mass market entry period, but also increased the investment of technology and quality, bringing the surprise effect of volatility with the constant price.

  In fact, especially this year, multi-brand and multi-variety glass pipes have been launched, that is, their products are distributed on online e-commerce platforms and offline convenience stores.However, apart from the differences in appearance and brand, there is almost no essential difference. All the market competition almost stays in appearance competition and marketing means, but there is almost no breakthrough in product and technology.

  Platinum's differentiation line not only gives this product a quality endorsement in the United States, but also enables consumers to intuitively feel different use experience through unremitting technology pursuit. Even in the mass market, it can also strive for excellence, which is a unique brand such as apple's early business strategy.Adhere to the independent design, modeling, atomization warehouse, smoke oil, the entire product is independent research and development, advantages have been accumulated, energy conservation and emission reduction, which gives platinum to obtain more market space, to achieve internal momentum.

  Despite technical bottlenecks, platinum has put a lot of effort into the details of new brin.For example, the circular fuselage designed by ergonomics and the anode alloy shell, suction nozzle and tail cover designed by PC engineering plastics not only guarantee the appearance of the fuselage, but also pay more attention to the user's grip experience.The six flavors of menthol tobacco, tainan pineapple, and tequila flue-cured tobacco are more divided according to the audience's preferences and habits.

  This is precisely because the penetration of e-cigarettes in the domestic market is very low, which means that there are abundant opportunities and market space.Mr Wang believes the e-cigarette market will almost double to about 2 per cent penetration in the next two to three years.After that, e-cigarette penetration in China, the Chinese market, will grow at its fastest rate.

  In the whole e-cigarette industry, due to the particularity of product functions, the threshold seems to be very low, but as a new technology product, the dependence on technology and research and development shows the characteristics of the industry, that is, easy to enter the market, but not easy to develop.The use of technology in products, particularly tobacco oil, determines the industry's market ranking.From the start of the new bryn, platinum to deep plough measures the quality and technology into the bureau.There is no doubt that this will bring different competition to the whole industry.