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Sloth glass pipe will meet national regulatory standards, platinum and other strong opportunities or

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  I have a lot of colleagues smoking bio water pipes around me.The smell of second-hand smoke is relatively small."When a reporter asks you, do you know about e-cigarettes?In an advertising company work li hui told reporters so.As it turns out, with the increasing number of e-cigarette entrepreneurs in China, the e-cigarette of the small-circle culture is slowly going to the public.

  Li hui mentioned the electronic cigarette, in the industry's view, belongs to the third generation of electronic cigarette, namely the current popularity of small cigarettes, the emergence of the third generation of electronic cigarette an important node, is the past two years in the artificial nicotine salt breakthrough.Driven by new electronic manufacturing technologies, the third generation of e-cigarettes are becoming as popular as electronic products.

  One interesting fact is that while e-cigarettes were first popularized in the United States, shenzhen, China, is a veritable e-cigarette manufacturing city.90% of the world's e-cigarettes are produced in shenzhen, which has become the world's largest e-cigarette production base.

  Shenzhen has a complete industrial chain of contracting, ODM, OEM industry model to speed up the speed of entrants.According to the institute of future industry, there were nearly 4,000 e-cigarette companies in China in 2018, including 4,000 in shenzhen alone, accounting for about 13 percent of the country's total.Mainly distributed in shajing, fuyong, xixiang, gongming, longhua and other places, but about 80% of them are enterprises with less than 50 people, small scale.

  Industry insiders said that with the entry of funds in 2019, the number of glass pipes companies is likely to exceed tens of thousands, forming a "war of 10,000 cigarettes."With so many entrepreneurs joining in, the e-cigarette industry has been plagued by confusion, product spills and industrial nicotine use.

  In the face of the confusion in the e-cigarette industry, the national standards for e-cigarettes to be approved and released this year will have a series of clear regulations from the smoke oil to the cigarette machine, from the atomized core to the battery, which also means that the era of blindfolded e-cigarette industry is coming to an end.

  "This is not good news for many start-ups that have entered the field, but wang zeqi, a 10-year veteran of the e-cigarette industry, has a different view.Under the supervision of national standards, the e-cigarette industry ushered in a good day.

  Wang zeqi was able to put forward such a view, because platinum in the field of oil rigs research and development strength is very strong.As an American brand founded as early as 2013, platinum has stuck to its product design and tobacco research and development.

  According to reports, platinum co-founder Robert.Hebb, who used to be a senior product director at apple, has a unique "apple gene" for each platinum product, strictly following mfi-6.0 design specification, make the product overall texture and feel to achieve a high degree of unity.The strength of the r&d team has not given way.Bob, head of research and development, is the chief technical engineer at JohnsonCreek, the first modern tobacco plant in the United States.At present, research and development personnel account for one-third of the total staff.

  In addition, the choice of each kind of platinum cigarette oil raw materials are very strict, to ensure that the taste of the tobacco oil more smooth and pure.For example, plant glycerin added to tobacco oil comes from olive oil produced in Florence, Italy, and nicotine from nightshade plants in lausanne, Switzerland.After six years of technology accumulation and innovation, platinum design and r & d level has been at the highest level in the industry.

  On July 4th platinum again demonstrated its r&d prowess when it launched its new Bling range in Beijing.The new brin is the second.The 5ml capacity of cigarette oil in the world is by far the highest disposable e-cigarette product.It is not impossible for other brands to simply increase the volume of the fume tank to increase the volume of the fume oil.How to increase the volume of the exhaust tank to solve the increasing oil leakage "is a problem that other brands cannot solve.

  However, this time platinum took the lead in breaking this industry barrier, the use of the overall composite cotton lock oil, so the overall lock oil effect is 1.5 times of the old model.The success of platinum's technological innovations also illustrates the shortcomings of other brands that rely entirely on contract work and have no technical expertise to follow their business models.

  The upcoming national standard for electronic cigarettes, precisely to the research and design level for each brand new standard is put forward, also will encourage each brand pay more attention to product research and development in the future competition level, not limited to the market competition, it pushes the electronic cigarette industry toward a more benign and healthy development, by then, electronic cigarette industry "good day" will come true.