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lookah water pipes: encounter, from the beginning of a whiff

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  In the films "zhiming" and "chun jiao", the love between zhang zhiming and chun jiao begins to grow out of the throbbing smoke.From a wisp of smoke to a lifetime of friendship.

  It is well known that smoking is harmful to health.Many people like the smell of cigarettes at their fingertips and immerse themselves in the fog.I do not know that cigarettes contain a variety of carcinogens, second-hand smoke emissions also quietly harm the people around.

  Today, there is a high-tech e-cigarette that can safely quit smoking, reduce smoking, replace cigarettes and ease addiction.E-cigarettes are popular on the market, unlike those that are free of tar, no CO, no carcinogens, no burning, no fire, and no smell.Safer, healthier and more flavourful glass bongs could meet the needs of more consumers.As a result, e-cigarettes have become the best way to quit smoking.

  The last time the editor commented on the classic tobacco taste of Hugo's e-cigarette, today continues to give you the pop and summer taste of mung bean ice and sand!

  The brand of cool water pipes is disposable cigarette, the packaging design is simple, warm texture.The box is equipped with "a kind of company, a kind of sexual life", needless to say, leisure life is true happiness!

  Open the box, including the cigarette stick and 4 filters, to show 1/4 of the situation.The smoke stick is a popular round stick shape. The length of the stick is about 10 centimeters. It is comfortable to handle.

  The cigarette machine suction nozzle position has the independent protective cover, the clean sanitation, and the fuselage color and the taste match, the delicate elegance, the fashion is unique.

  It must be admitted that the appearance and design of e-cigarettes are very advanced, and its appearance is better than other brands of e-cigarettes.

  A cigarette stick is equipped with four filters, not only can be switched at will, anytime and anywhere to share with friends, but also can effectively filter the smoke oil and condensate, sweet and delicious.

  The battery capacity of the product is 320 ml.There is no key on the body as a whole, that is, suction, no charge, no lighter, no redundant tedious steps, so that people can not let go.

  Look at this. Do you really want to taste this summer's mung bean sorbet?

  Insert the filter into the stick, inhale, feel like a bite of mung bean ice, taste fumo pipe glass bowl like a summer mung bean Popsicle, there is a sense of healing comfort.Green bean fragrance, soft taste, cool and refreshing.When you are sleepy, take a breath, the spirit of the spirit.

  After smoking the mung bean sorbet e-cigarette, it was really unforgettable. The faint aroma of mung bean still permeates between lips and teeth.The measured e-cigarettes can be smoked in about 400 puffs, the equivalent of two packs of traditional cigarettes, and with high performance prices, they are easy for anyone to consume.

  To be honest, the e-cigarette is great in every way.Cool fashion style, lightweight body, whether at home, office, business, travel, party.This is the best way to smoke, relieve your addiction, reduce your smoking and quit!It's hard to think of such a product on the market.