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Which is more harmful, cool water pipes or real cigarettes?

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       Since the advent of e-cigarettes, consumers have become suspicious of them;Are water glass harmful?Can e-cigarettes replace traditional cigarettes?Are e-cigarettes cheap?Do e-cigarettes produce second-hand smoke?

  Today, flasks of ackeray e-cigarettes have compiled some facts for you to learn and understand: before explaining your suspicions, let's know what an e-cigarette is.

  An e-cigarette is a product that mimics a cigarette, using a low-pressure microelectronic atomizer that heats and atomizes the smoke oil into smoke, creating a smoke-like sensation that can be used by smokers.

  The most important difference between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that they do not contain tar, which is the main factor affecting the health of traditional cigarettes.When tar is smoked, it sticks to the surface of the larynx and bronchi.After many years of preservation, can cause abnormal cell formation, the formation of lung cancer.Compared with the new e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes are free of tar and carbon monoxide. The oil rigs of e-cigarettes is mainly plant extracts, plant glycerin, medicinal propylene glycol and nicotine salts, which are food additives (except saline).

  Traditional nicotine has a certain irritant.The new generation of nicotine salts is neutral, mild, less stimulating, can enhance the dopamine secretion, effectively reduce fatigue, relax the body and mind.

  Speaking of which, some people have to ask, are e-cigarettes harmful or harmless?

  First of all, nicotine, nicotine is a common addictive substance in life, we are familiar with vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant contains traces of nicotine.Studies show that smoking absorbs only 3% of the total nicotine, which dissolves quickly when it enters the body and is excluded by sweat, urine, etc.So we can't cause nicotine poisoning by smoking.E-cigarettes are a good alternative to tobacco products compared to smokers, and while they are equally harmful, they are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes.For non-smokers, they do not advocate e-cigarettes. Those who are already traditional smokers can suggest glass pipes to reduce the harm to their bodies.

  E-cigarettes are expensive and cheap.Many e-cigarettes produced by licensed manufacturers are made to international export standards.In general, they are not very cheap, but they are still cost-effective in terms of the ratio of performance to price.When a cigarette is lit, it must be smoked, or it is wasted.If you don't smoke an e-cigarette, it won't go to waste, and when it doesn't smoke, it won't be consumed.

  Do e-cigarettes produce second-hand smoke?

  E-cigarettes are non-flammable products that do not burn in the production of second-hand smoke and toxic substances!E-cigarette use is relatively healthy.Secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes is still harmful to health, but much less so than from real cigarettes.

  According to the regulatory status of e-cigarettes in developed countries in Europe and the United States over the past decade, e-cigarettes are recommended for smokers.

  Speaking of which, do friends have a new understanding of e-cigarettes?