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Which is more harmful to water pipes ?Can water pipes stop smoking?

   This is the age of e-cigarettes, the market for smoking cessation for the sake of health.However, there has been controversy over whether e-cigarettes are harmful to people's health.I'm sure many of my friends want to know, which is more harmful for water glass or cigarettes?Can you quit smoking with e-cigarettes?Can e-cigarettes stop smoking?And so on a series of questions, plus the editor's understanding!

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  Are e-cigarettes more harmful than cigarettes?The difference between e-cigarettes and cigarettes

  The main ingredients of traditional tobacco: tobacco, tobacco tablets, flavors and flavors, moisturizers, filters, cigarette paper, electronic cigarettes, including: sprayers, functional devices (rods, boxes, etc.), tobacco oil (PG/VG, flavors, nicotine).

  What they have in common: both contain nicotine.

  Whether you smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes, the only purpose is to get nicotine.Nicotine travels through the blood, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and takes an average of seven seconds to reach the brain after inhalation.

  When nicotine enters the body, the half-life of the nicotine in the body is about two hours.The liver is the main organ for nicotine metabolism, and the breaking down enzyme is cytochrome P 450.

  Is nicotine harmful?This issue is also controversial. In recent years, many experts at home and abroad believe that the nicotine in cigarettes is not very harmful, the real carcinogens are tar and carbon monoxide.Nicotine is not only found in tobacco bio water pipes leaves, but also in the fruit of many nightshade plants, such as tomatoes and wolfberries, which are vegetables and herbs considered healthy for the body.

  The concentrations of e-cigarette oil are mainly divided into four safety standard concentrations: NO 0mg, low 6mg, medium 12mg and high 18mg.Excessive levels of nicotine can make consumers feel chest tightness and nausea.The same is true of nicotine salts, which are popular on the market.However, the content of nicotine salts in e-cigarettes is moderate, the taste is good, and the laryngeal attack is strong.

  The difference: traditional cigarettes contain more harmful substances

  Both tobacco and tobacco flakes in traditional tobacco are tobacco products.At present, flue-cured tobacco is the main type of cigarette sales in China. According to the statistics of tobacco germplasm resources of China tobacco group from 1998 to 2004, the average content of chemical constituents in flue-cured tobacco is 23.08%, 1963%, 2 cases.00%, 199%, 1032%, 2.45,1421 and 1.15 respectively.The results showed that the chemical composition of flue-cured tobacco was 23.08%, 1963%, 2 cases.00%, 199%, 1032%, 2.45,1421 and 1.15 respectively.Tobacco also contains traces of radioactive plutonium-210.

  Which is more harmful to e-cigarettes or cigarettes?The only thing potentially harmful to e-cigarettes is nicotine, which is not found in other cigarettes.To know this, it's easy to see which is safer, e-cigarettes or cigarettes.

  Can you quit smoking with e-cigarettes?

  Can e-cigarettes really stop smoking?This is the problem of many smokers.E-cigarettes can be used as a product to help you quit smoking. You can't say you can quit completely.Like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes can reduce the harm of cigarettes to some extent.

  Can e-cigarettes stop smoking?In terms of quitting smoking, what oil rigs are really doing is replacing cigarettes.Whether you can successfully quit depends on the user, but the effect of "replacing" and reducing the number of cigarettes is very obvious and common.

  After using e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes for a period of time, most of them were able to stop smoking altogether or significantly reduce the amount they smoked.So replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes is still very effective.However, success depends on the user's own factors.

  Sure, e-cigarettes are a good alternative to traditional cigarettes, but they are by no means a reason to promote smoking.E-cigarettes know this, too.Therefore, public health can be improved by developing more smog-reducing products that offer smokers a richer and safer choice.

  The advent of e-cigarettes may make the test of quitting easier and less painful.May you truly understand e-cigarettes, open the door to a new world, and experience the endless fun of e-cigarettes.