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  It has been 16 years since e-cigarettes were introduced in the Chinese mainland in 2003.At the end of August, the public health and technology supervision research group of tsinghua university released the e-tobacco industry regulation report (2019).China, with 7.4 million e-cigarette consumers in 2017, has become the world's largest e-cigarette producer (accounting for 95 percent of the world's total) and exporter (90 percent glass bongs of the world's total), the report said.

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  The idea was first proposed by American engineers in the 1960s, but it was not a commercial success.It was not until 2003 that han li, a Chinese pharmacist and former deputy director of the liaoning institute of traditional Chinese medicine (liaoning institute of traditional Chinese medicine), applied for a patent for the invention of "non-combustible atomized electronic cigarettes."Subsequently, the popular e-cigarette brand "like smoke" appeared in the Chinese market.

  In early 2005, when cigarettes went on sale, they quickly became widely known, with widespread advertising advertising that they were far less harmful than traditional tobacco.To January 2006, such as smoke monthly sales have reached 70 million yuan.

  Problems ensued.In November 2006, the Beijing times said that nicotine, a highly toxic chemical, contains more nicotine than regular cigarettes and may harm human health.Since then, media across the country have followed up on the story.At the time, industry cool water pipes experts generally agreed that e-cigarettes were less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but the risks were uncertain.Whether e-cigarettes can be advertised to stop smoking is controversial.

  Tobacco has also attracted the attention of ministries such as the national development and reform commission, the former ministry of health and the state tobacco monopoly administration.In 2006, six ministries, including the former ministry of health, the food and drug administration and the state tobacco monopoly administration, held a coordination meeting devoted to tobacco control.The former ministry of health is responsible for the development of relevant industry standards and regulatory measures.

  It is worth noting that the China tobacco monopoly administration had written to the former state administration for industry and commerce and the state administration of safety to raise questions about cigarettes and other issues before the media asked.According to media reports at the time, the tobacco monopoly administration also proposed to amend the "tobacco monopoly law" to include tobacco and other products under the administration of the tobacco monopoly administration.Many believe there is a struggle for profit behind this.

  After the invention of e-cigarettes, the first non-tobacco companies poured in, wrote li bio water pipes baojiang, deputy director of the state tobacco monopoly administration's economic research institute.Since 2011, major international tobacco companies have entered the e-cigarette field through the acquisition of e-cigarette companies and brands, or independent research and development.

  In June 2015, Shanghai new tobacco products research institute was formally established and is affiliated with China tobacco corporation.This marks a new stage in the development of new tobacco products.Yang peisen, deputy director of the state tobacco monopoly administration (stma), said at the meeting that the establishment of the stma is an important measure taken by the state administration of tobacco to seize the development opportunities of new tobacco products and meet the development challenges of new tobacco products.The subsidiary of China tobacco group has launched a number of heat-resistant products for sale overseas.