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What kind of business is e-cigarettes?

    According to the data, global e-cigarette sales were $12.054 billion in 2017, with the United States and the United Kingdom being the major markets, accounting for 39.28 percent and 14.40 percent, respectively.In 2017, e-cigarette sales in glass pipes the United States reached $4.734 billion.In December 2018, altria bought yul for $12.8 billion, taking a 35 percent stake worth $38 billion.

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  In China, data show that the number of smokers in the country is currently 350 million. According to some developed countries in Europe and the United States, the proportion of e-cigarette consumption is about 30 percent, and the e-cigarette market will exceed 100 million people (currently only about 1 percent in China).What's more, the e-cigarette industry chain is very well established and the barriers to entry are very low.

  Shenzhen is the largest manufacturing base for e-cigarettes, with more than 500 companies, 80 percent of which are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.If you have the idea of shape or the idea of marketing, you can "save" a set of e-cigarettes, so skin breakage, liquid leakage, electrode sag and short circuit problems often occur in products, which has become the status quo in the e-cigarette field.

  The us food and drug administration (FDA) has included e-cigarettes dab water pipe in the us food and drug administration (FDA), which must approve the sale of each type of e-cigarette, but in the country, e-cigarette regulation is still almost blank.The traditional tobacco industry has established a state monopoly, and domestic e-cigarette start-ups do not exist in traditional tobacco.

  On June 3, the Beijing news reported that it had learned from the standardization administration's website that mandatory national standards for e-cigarettes had been reviewed and were "in the process of approval," according to the project schedule, or could be released within the year.

  In this regard, zhu believes that the introduction of national standards for the industry is a great benefit.First, it should be clear that this e-cigarette, the country must take care of it, is not possible.And the second one?What the country has put forward is a standard, and there is no problem to do according to this standard, which is good for the whole industry.

  The following is a transcript of zhu's interview:

  "Deep net" : after leaving hammer, why choose to start a business in the field of electronic cigarettes?

  Zhu: the whole selection process is very short.I saw some product manager friends around me start smoking the American e-cigarette, yul.I'm sensitive to what these people are using. These are the people who are using the iPhone for the first time.

  When they use the iPhone, they will laugh at you and say you don't have a keyboard and you can easily break it.So what?I found the viscosity of the product manager very high.Then I tried it, and I found I liked it.

  Coke oxide and high temperature cracking reaction, this e-cigarette air in water pipes from well is not present, but nicotine is.Nicotine is a harmful substance, but its harm to the human body is absolutely related to the dose.All substances are related to measurement.They eat a can of salt and a spoonful of salt.At night, people are expected to die.So is nicotine.

  By our calculations, the amount of nicotine inhaled each day can be safely metabolized in adults, but only if a certain amount of nicotine is contained.Most people don't reach that level.

  Next, I'll think about it.Can I do that?If I can't, I won't think about it.Second, if it was something anyone could do, I wouldn't think about it.Then I found that there are four important indicators that can be done -- product, brand, channel and capital.

  In terms of product size, our team used to be a hardware startup, and we had the DNA to launch a hardware startup.We are totally different from the Internet celebrities or people from Internet companies that come out to make e-cigarettes.We know what hardware production looks like, and we know what's going on in the supply chain.

  Branding. I used to be in charge of branding at smartisan.Smartisan is particularly familiar with the way the Internet is played.