Company dynamics

Making e-cigarettes is also idealistic.

  Zhu xiaomu isan employee of Smartisan 0001. He founded the original four partners of the e-cigarette brand liufuru, three from the hammer.

  Zhu xiaomu knew that luo yonghao came from niubo, when zhu xiaomu was still studying architecture in the United States, then luo yonghao asked him to go home to start a business, in an English training school as a teacher.zhu xiaomu's English teacher training is not over, luo yonghao suddenly obsessed with mobile phones, so zhu xiaomu did not become an English teacher all day, so he joined oil rigs smitsun.

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  This is six years, in the current zhu xiaomu's view, in smaltisan, although there is no particularly comfortable life, but he thanks Lao luo for giving him six years of entrepreneurial experience.

  "A lot of hammers' employees have a characteristic that they're optimistic, they're easy to light up, they're very spiritual about things, they're idealistic, they don't pay much attention to the actual level of gain and loss.""If you think about it water pipes, you will," zhu said. "right now, it's just a change of direction.

  Zhu didn't even consider starting his own business until last October.But he suddenly noticed that a group of product managers he knew often gathered around to smoke e-cigarettes.Two investors familiar with Mr. Zhu also approached him to talk about the popularity of the e-cigarette industry and suggest he start his own business.

  In their opinion, zhu xiaomu is very suitable for the entrepreneurial background of e-cigarette industry -- hardware background, understanding of products, understanding of hardware, understanding of channels, understanding of marketing.Later, one of the two investors became an angel investor for Mr Zhu, while the other invested in Flow Fulu from jingwei village.

  The rise of the e-cigarette tuyere caused a lot of controversy, luo yonghao also participated in the relevant entrepreneurial project.Some hammer aficionados argue that the idealism and high profits of e-cigarettes run counter to the failure of the hammer phone, and that the idealistic atmosphere that Mr. Luo once packaged has long since vanished.

  But zhu xiaomu thinks, idealism and commercial economy do not conflict.

  In wang jing's office, zhu xiaomu has a lot of e-cigarette products on his desk.He held up a competitor's glass bongs product -- a product like chewing gum."When the cigarette is smoked, it is heated, and the heating on the outside is a metal shell, which produces alumina," zhu said.When people suck alumina, they become stupid and dangerous.

  Manufacturers can cut costs with simple metal shells without affecting short-term profits.Zhu thinks idealism will run through the product.We use edible plastic to protect the internal parts from reacting with the shell.

  Discussions about e-cigarettes have been on the rise since 2018, and the debate about whether they are healthier has never stopped.

  Zhu explained that the Flow Fulu product USES a new generation of non-tar nicotine salt smoke oil.To ensure the health of the product, he found a laboratory to test all the substances in the product, and there were basically no irregular harmful substances on the market.

  In addition, zhu xiaomu believes that a large number of taste choices are their characteristics, rufulou in the smoky oil to introduce the front, middle and rear shaoxing design.

  After the launch of 315 "roll call" e-cigarettes on China central television this year, the devices were placed on the volcano and criticized.Even so, the investment and financing of e-cigarettes has not stopped across the venture-capital markets.

  As of June 2019, 14 e-cigarette companies in China have received financing totaling about 574 million yuan, higher than the amount invested in the whole of last year, according to IT orange data.Funds going into e-cigarettes include IDG, matrix, source capital, zhenge and plum flower venture capital.