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Cool e-cigarettes?

  Recently, San Francisco officials voted to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in the city unless one of them is approved by the food and drug administration.The ban, which has become the toughest in the United States, also affects some tobacco glass pipes products, according to foreign media reports.Of course, regular cigarettes are still legal.

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  The ban, which will take effect in early 2020, will ban e-cigarettes from the city's tobacco stores if they are not fda-approved.At the same time, uncertified tobacco products are banned from sale and distribution in cities.

  In fact, the law is a disguised ban on the sale and transportation of all e-cigarettes, as FDA commissioner Ned sharpless pointed out earlier this month: "there is no licensed e-cigarette on the market."The e-cigarette companies, including SAN francisco-based Juul, must submit an authorization application to the FDA by 2022.They can't sell their products in San Francisco unless they get a license.Yul clearly did not like the ban, protesting oil rigs that tobacco should be allowed to be sold in the city.According to foreign media reports, the company plans to hold a vote in November on whether e-cigarettes can be sold to people over the age of 21.

  Maybe the FDA will certify some e-cigarettes in the future.Earlier this month, the FDA released details to e-cigarette companies detailing the application.The FDA decides whether to approve an e-cigarette, taking into account factors such as the market, the composition of the e-cigarette and its impact on human behavior.

  San Francisco has become the first us city to ban the sale of such products.Earlier this month, Beverly hills, calif., passed a similar plan that will take effect in 2021.California has been at the forefront of efforts to ban smoking.In 1998, it became the first state cool water pipes to impose a strict ban on indoor smoking in public places, despite initial resistance from smokers.

  Now the law has been enacted in front of San Francisco mayor LondonBreed, who has 10 days to decide whether to sign it or not, as there are reports that she is ready to do so.