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Opportunities and future of glass bongs pipes in China

  In 2003, Chinese pharmacist han li invented e-cigarettes.Today, China owns 90 per cent of global patents, more than 90 per cent of production and nearly 90 per cent of exports.

  However, with the rapid rise of water pipes in the domestic market, the e-cigarette industry is facing the best and worst "window period", 3/15 party exposure of e-cigarette chaos, the negative impact of the American market on young people smoking e-cigarettes.More and more information has cast a shadow over the new industry.

  The state administration for market supervision and the state tobacco monopoly administration launched a "crackdown" on the online marketing of e-cigarettes on nov 1, with the release of a "notice on further protecting minors from the infringement of e-cigarettes."According to the notice, from the date of its release, the authorities will urge e-cigarette manufacturers and sellers to shut down their e-cigarette online sales sites or customers in a timely manner.Urge e-commerce platforms to promptly close e-cigarette stores and remove

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products from their shelves;Urge oil rigs manufacturers, sellers or individuals to withdraw e-cigarette advertisements posted over the Internet.

  According to the official story disseminated in explanation of tobacco monopoly administration, some electronic cigarette companies add various additives, change the taste of electronic cigarettes and tobacco oil color, especially for consumers cause severe damage to the physical and mental health of minors, many electronic cigarette enterprises is the key point of the network marketing with young people, to "help to stop smoking" and "healthy" and so on propaganda to mislead consumers.And e-cigarettes are marketed as representatives of "youth", "fashion" and "trend" to lure minors.

  Immediately after the announcement, brands issued a statement boycotting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.In fact, there are 350 million smokers in China, and as an alternative to some smokers, e-cigarettes still support 95 percent of the world's e-cigarette suppliers, ample funding, and ambitious entrepreneurs.

  "The introduction of policies and regulations will promote the healthy development of the e-cigarette industry," he said.At the e-cigarette forum held 36 km from the international e-cigarette show, e-cigarette practitioners from different enterprises and related industries also expressed their views.

  So how has the glass bongs revolution become formal?How can industry players ensure the safety of e-cigarettes and sell them to people who really need them?This forum provides some experience and advice for practitioners.

  In the past 40 years, the number of smokers worldwide has risen from 700 million to one billion, despite major efforts by the world health organization.With the increase of the number of smokers, there are also many social problems.About six million people die each year from both primary and secondary smoke, and tar and its derivatives are to blame.So for decades, consumer groups not only wanted to meet their demand for nicotine, but also began to seek healthier, safer ways.

  So, in the process of introducing e-cigarettes, we should not only consider the needs of users, but also to maximize the quality of the product?The answer is: in the past 24 months, we have focused on five areas: good products, good service, corporate social responsibility, strategic talent pool and brand building.

  Divide it into five ways:

  1.A good product is still a door to the consumer's heart.Over the past 24 months, any new product has been launched and at least five or six rigorous rounds of internal testing have been carried out.For e-cigarettes, the two most important aspects of the product are safety and experience.From the perspective of safety, yuichi is the first enterprise in China to establish a brand laboratory based on SNAS standard.From the perspective of experience, yuci is also the first enterprise to launch the sensory evaluation system of electronic glass bongs pipes in China, with a total of 76 evaluation dimensions.Any cigarette oil from the laboratory to the market, the internal needs to undergo up to 80 days of development.Over the 80 days, more than 500 consumers will be tested, with an average of 100 formula adjustments.Of all the internally matched recipes, there is only one.There's 5% on the market right now.

  Second, the most important thing is the service.First, users pay not only for the physical product, but also for the product + service.For e-cigarettes in particular, the penetration rate in China is still low, with only a few teachers saying it is less than 1%.This means that, whether in pre-sales, post-sales consulting or in the case of sales, there is a lot of industry responsibility on the head of the business to educate consumers.These processes are considered to be the most important third real moment of consumer engagement for a brand or category.Yuichi company has developed a strict pre-sale and after-sales process to provide users with good service.