Company dynamics

Offline slump, where are the opportunities for water pipes?

  Core abstract:

  1. The impact of this epidemic on the consumer sector will create a win-win situation for glass bongs brands and store distributors.

  Second, health awareness and the spillover effects of the offline industry will jointly drive the retaliatory rebound of the e-cigarette industry.

  3. In the second half of the struggle, the product experience and expansion efficiency of the e-cigarette industry together constitute the gains and losses.

  It is undoubtedly the coldest and longest Spring Festival holiday for those working in the retail industry.

  The sudden appeal to contribute at home has turned the start of retailing into a dark moment.

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  Various e-cigarette brands have also announced support policies in an effort to placate dealers in the winter.

  However, with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, construction projects have been started all over the country to gradually restore social order and put forward new ideas:

  1. How will this epidemic affect the oil rigs industry?

  Looking back at the SARS epidemic in 2003, taobao,, ctrip and haidi fishery turned a corner at a particular time, followed by retaliatory growth as they grasped the structural changes in the social and business systems.

  We say the crisis because the other side of the crisis is constantly being shuffled: mediocre products, weak, risk-resistant brands are being phased out at an accelerating pace, and stronger, more efficient brands can not only stabilize their footing, but also seize future opportunities and expand into larger markets.

  If the melee of the first half of 2019 was a business opportunity for e-cigarettes, the blackouts in the second half of this year were meant to show practitioners the rigorous demand for capacity building in supply chains and channels.Now, the industry seems to be in the shadows.

  Ultimately, whether glass bong water pipes have a future, and which brands have more potential in the future, has always been a wait-and-see attitude, even the thinking of practitioners.

  I agree with luo pang's inspiration from zeng guofan when he talks about what people do: don't duck the question and point to rivers and mountains.Instead, bow to the game and turn yourself into the key variable in solving the problem.Now, this node is actually the perfect time to bow to the game's e-cigarette.

  Second, the activation of stock preferential policies

  Before we talk about , let's take a look at a case in point: Lin qingxuan, the best example of this surge, is based on past capacity reserves to take advantage of brick-and-mortar retail opportunities hit hard by the epidemic.

  As a local cosmetics brand, Lin qingxuan is different from the "perfect diary" and "huaxi", which used to rely heavily on offline stores.

  With the stores exploding and closing, founder sun lachun admits he fears the company won't last more than two months.But to the surprise of its founders, the company has withstood the pressure.

  "As at February 21, the overall performance of online and offline services was 145 per cent compared with the same period last year," he said.

  How did Lin qingxuan return blood in a short time?

  In 2018, it began to promote digital transformation in Taiwan, building infrastructure such as business, ERP and CRM, with users firmly in their own hands.Therefore, although Lin qingxuan did not pay attention to this line before, but relying on the ability accumulated in the past, through the whole channel to contact with users, can achieve online migration in a short time.

  So back in business, the water pipes industry is no exception.Under the premise that black swan event is inevitable, helping dealers to set up the member operating system and giving them the ability to activate the stock is undoubtedly a gain and loss hand under the market change.

  In the past, stores were location-oriented, with them at their core to concentrate traffic, services and products.This logic is completely untenable when disconnected.Now, brands have begun to focus on capacity building across the channel.

  Dynamic marketing help: launched a series of promotional activities and related gift subsidies, all registered members in the snow shop consumption, can enjoy the purchase of 3 glass bongs pipes bombs, plus 220 yuan classic cigarette stick (small white box experience) one of the activities.

  Technical authorization: through advanced technical means, dynamic update store business information.In particular, through the membership system, for the store diversion drainage;Establish a professional membership system, can automatically recall customers, enhance user stickiness.

  It took Lin two years to set up the cell phone pool, but most e-cigarette shops don't have a large enough customer network, so the first step was to implement the suction policy, which can speed up cell phone pool construction during cold winter outbreaks by increasing the gold content of their members.

  Absorbing users is only the first step, only through the operation can form stickiness.