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Technological upgrading in the glass bongs industry wins the future   

  Recently, the 28th China international glass industrial technology exhibition (" China glass exhibition ") was held at the China international exhibition center (new hall) in Beijing.According to statistics, the exhibition attracted 995 enterprises from 33 countries and regions to participate.The exhibition covers all areas of glass production: new energy-saving glass for buildings, ultra-thin functional glass, electronic glass, special glass, as well as a variety of large glass deep processing equipment, glass on-line testing instruments, new abrasives and abrasives.Among them, glass automatic production line, glass production robot, art glass and other booths have become highlights, attracting a large number of visitors.

  It is reported that the China glass exhibition, known as the "glass industry vane", has a wide range of influence in the world and has become an internationally renowned exhibition.Under the background of industrial restructuring and glass industry transformation and upgrading, China glass exhibition brings together the upstream and downstream enterprises of the glass industry chain, establishes an international high-end professional trade docking platform, and presents new products and new technologies, which is conducive to glass enterprises to explore business opportunities and promote the healthy development of the glass industry.

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  The scale of the exhibition reached a new height

  After years of cultivation and development, China glass exhibition, as the mainstream exhibition of the international glass industry, has become an internationally renowned professional exhibition with completely independent intellectual property rights, and ranks as the second largest glass exhibition in the world.According to the organizers, the exhibition is larger than the previous period and includes 735 domestic exhibitors and 260 foreign exhibitors.More than 40,000 professional visitors from more than 70 countries and regions attended the exhibition.

  With its long history of development and strong brand influence, China glass exhibition will attract tens of thousands of professional visitors at home and abroad every year.This exhibition brings together excellent glass manufacturers at home and abroad. The products cover the whole glass industry chain, and the centralized exhibition can provide integrated purchasing opportunities for the audience.In this field, buyers through face-to-face communication with manufacturers, accurate understanding and comparison of products, while greatly reducing procurement costs, and quickly grasp the hot spots in the industry.

  The reporter understands from the organizer there, the exhibitor of the exhibition almost included the glass giant of home and abroad.In addition to the domestic well-known manufacturers beibo group, China building materials international engineering company, luo bao group, many well-known foreign glass manufacturers have also signed up for the exhibition.Swiss white tide, Germany clay, kazakhstan antek, Turkey SOYTAS and other international exhibition areas "camp.".

  New technology promotes development

  With the continuous transformation and upgrading of China's economic field, the glass industry has also changed its mode and structure, and actively advocates energy conservation and consumption reduction.Reporters saw that in addition to the traditional glass production and processing technology, equipment and glass products, a variety of special glass products and processing technology and equipment, especially low carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy technology and new technologies, new products, new equipment, etc., has become a hot topic of the exhibition.

  Under the background of developing new energy, developing new technologies and accelerating capacity transfer, the traditional manufacturing industry has continuously improved its automation level through its own technological upgrading and transformation, reflecting the new trend of energy conservation, efficiency and speed.It is widely recognized that only through technological upgrading and value-added can enterprises exchange for future development.Therefore, the industry actively implemented the national supply-side reform measures, changed the past image of big enterprises but not strong.The reporter saw in the exhibition scene, many exhibitors have brought new products, which is remarkable.

  The lt-13-8 full-automatic insulating glass coater was unveiled at the booth of Beijing blue sky new sea, which makes insulating glass equipment.The reporter was soon intrigued by the behemoth.According to the booth manager, the maximum glass size of qingtian xinhai lt-13-8 automatic coater can reach an astonishing 3,300mm (H) 8,000mm (L) and the maximum bearing capacity can reach 3,000 kg.If the customer is more demanding and wants more, the person in charge says, "there is no technical problem."

  At present, the glass industry is facing the superposition pressure of the overcapacity of traditional products, the slow development of new technology products and the prominent contradiction between supply and demand structure. The development of the industry has slowed down obviously.