Company dynamics

  Glass bongs prices have been rising for three weeks in a row

  With the improvement of the starting rate of the real estate and automobile industries, glass products officially entered the selling season. In addition, since the end of July, the price of glass in the three major conferences in the industry rose, and the price of float glass rose for three consecutive weeks.Industry insiders believe that glass demand will continue to pick up in the second half of the year, the late shock of the upward trend is expected to continue.

  "The glass industry had a flat first half from January to June," he said.Since the second half of the year, due to the negative impact of the rainy season and other factors, most glass production enterprises have high inventories.But three of the industry meetings were held to address the fatigue and slump in glass prices.After the east China meeting on July 26, the northeast China meeting on August 6 and the south China meeting on August 7, the intention to raise glass prices became clear.The reporter is informed inside business personage, glass central China conference will be held on August 16, at that time the price will raise again or confirm.


  Raise prices for "jogging in small steps"

  Taking the trend of the domestic glass market as an example, some enterprises initially raised the price of 0.1 yuan/square meter on July 23, then the price rise in shahe market got out of control.Up to August 13, the price of shahe glass rose as much as 10 rounds, the price increase of shahe glass has reached 4.8 ≤ 7.5 yuan per box, thick plate glass increase is also between 2 to 5 yuan/box.

  A sales person from a listed glass company told China securities daily that the higher the price, the tighter the supply of the goods, as consumers tend to buy or not buy during the process of price increase, and bidding by dealers also occurs from time to time, which also helps to raise the prices of manufacturers.She also stressed that while there are signs of warming in the glass market, price increases must be subject to a downstream acceptance period, so glass makers often take the form of "little jogs", but the cumulative increase should not be underestimated.

  Since August, the glass industry has gradually entered the peak period. The opening of real estate financing, the renovation of shanty towns and the launch of the domestic solar energy market have stimulated the demand of the glass market to some extent.

  Earnings are expected to rise by 10%

  As of early August, inventories in China's glass industry had fallen 0.5 percent from a year earlier to 25.8 million cases, according to the shen yinyinguo research daily.At the same time, due to the recent industry out of the rainy season, the demand is slowly rising, the industry gross margin is expected to reach 12.8% in early August, up 1.4% from the previous month.

  According to the data provided by the organization, the weighted average price of original glass throughout the country in the first half of the year was 72 yuan per case.After three weeks of continuous price increases, some of the prices have approached 80 yuan/case.Industry insiders estimate that the profit of float glass products such as luoyang glass and ancai high-tech will increase by about 9%.

  Industry insiders expect that the price rise since the end of July has made the glass market began to enter the upward channel, the second half of the demand recovery, manufacturers optimistic about the market, the late shock trend has been confirmed.A number of listed companies, including luoyang glass and fuyao glass, will benefit greatly from this round of price increases.