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Please install glass bongs for the children's safety

Parents didn't sleep until their child collapsed, thanks to the child falling off the balcony to save their lives ", "the 5-year-old girl fell from the balcony outside the sixth floor, firefighters and soldiers parachuted to rescue", "the 2-year-old girl fell with her parents while looking at the house, the balcony guardrils were not glassed".Since may, there have been a number of incidents of young children falling into balconies across the country.

  The reporter visited two high-rise residential areas in kunming and randomly interviewed 30 households. It was found that 80% of the respondents were worried about the safety of the balconies, so the balconies were strengthened and closed.50% of respondents added balcony railings.Among them, the parents of children under the age of 10 pay special attention to the safety of the balcony.

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  When the room is turned in, the balcony has a 1.1m high guardrail.

  Row of barbed wire lined up on the blue jade danxia floor balcony outside, most have two-way open floor window, have a plenty of upper and lower two layers of glass Windows, some residents not to install the Windows, the reporter 14 owner looked at the area of the balcony, all installed the guardrail, three owner didn't install Windows in the guardrail, the rest of the residents have installed window, the balcony is closed.

  Next to the big balcony, there is a small balcony, which is closed by a glass window, which is about one hundred centimeters high. At the bottom of the window, the window is divided into two layers.The upper window can be opened and the lower window is fixed.On the small balcony, only a few families were isolated.

  "When I moved in, there was a fence on the terrace and a window on the terrace," said Ms. Li, who lives on the eighth floor.At the time, when the children were young, she also installed a protective fence on the small balcony.

  Although the developers have installed railings, they are only 1.1 meters high, too short, live on the 25th floor, or are worried about their children's safety, but I have put a fence on all the balconies.""The 4-year-old is curious about the outside world and has no sense of danger," said resident wang.Adults are supposed to do safety work there.

  Some owners reinforce their balconies with isolation poles.

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  In yun tuo on source area, the balcony of most families installed the glass window that closes completely, some families also installed parapet, but the balcony of a few families has the glass partition window of an about 80 centimeters tall only, the balcony also did not close.

  An unenclosed balcony resident, hanging clothes on the balcony, the height of the isolation pole is only its waist, if 1.7 meters of adults can easily lift feet through the balcony barrier, 1.1 meters of children lying on it can expose the whole head.

  When I bought the house, I sealed the balcony, one was afraid of dust, the other was because the protective Windows were too low, the glass was too low, so I didn't feel safe."Ms. Zheng, who lives here, said the glass partition window was accidentally kicked to pieces, making her feel safer.But when it comes to whether to install safety barriers, Ms. Zheng said she would consider installing them when she has children at home.

  "We didn't close the balcony before," said a father with a child. "recently, a child fell off the balcony."It's terrible.We are going to redecorate it and make sure that the security fence is installed.

  Property pipeline: owners are strictly prohibited to remove balcony glass bongs barriers were installed on the main balcony of the house.Each suite also has a small balcony with metal guardrails and glass isolation Windows.Mr.District property management staff Mr. Fu said that before, some owners feel the small balcony of the guardrail is an obstacle, want to remove it.Property management found, timely stop, and issued a notice, the importance of balcony safety.