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glass bongs hits sapphire hard

It is estimated that the vast majority of users of electronic devices have broken the screen. The author also broke two Nexus 4 phones and an ipad mini tablet, which undoubtedly caused a double loss of spirit and money.Corning's new generation of gorilla glass aims to solve this problem.

  The main selling point of the fourth-generation gorilla glass bongs is the damage resistance of the screen.According to corning, the new product is twice as strong as third-generation gorilla glass bongs.In the experiment, ordinary sodium-calcium glass, aluminosilicate glass and gorilla four - generation glass dropped from a height of 1 m.The fourth-generation gorilla is guaranteed an 80 percent survival rate, twice as high as aluminosilicate glass, while almost none of the sodium and calcium glass commonly used on other mobile phones is immune.

  Although the light transmittance and wear resistance of the new generation of gorillas have not improved much, the most important protection against falls is excellent.On the other hand, this is precisely the biggest weakness of its rival sapphire glass.Sapphire glass bongs has a strong wear resistance, only diamond can be scratched.But its superior hardness can't hide its toughness flaws, and few people want to buy a phone like a woman's.

  'when you list all the performance that users want, at least for now, gorilla glass has outperformed its competitors in these projects,' says CliffHund, chairman of Corning East Asia.Overall, the fourth-generation gorilla is by far the best choice.

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  In fact, life at corning this year has not been easy. It has been a great joy and sorrow, first bitter, then sweet.Earlier this year, apple teamed up with sapphire glass bongs maker GTAT on the suspicion that the new generation of iphones might ditch gorilla glass.At the time, corning also came forward to complain about sapphire glass, a neglected grievance.

  However, due to insufficient capacity and substandard performance in the GTAT, the iPhone 6 finally chose third-generation gorilla glass as the screen material.Only the iWatch, which is not yet available, claims to use sapphire as a mirror.GTAT soon declared bankruptcy, and even if apple wanted to try sapphire glass on its next phone, it would take another year to put it into use.

  Judging by its superior performance, the gorilla has almost ordered the next iPhone screen for next year.The toughness of sapphire glass bongs is discarded far away, and transmittance is also a problem.The key is whether manufacturers are still willing to invest heavily in sapphire glass.Without sufficient investment, the cost of sapphire glass can be reduced in the short term.

  Corning's biggest competitor is not sapphire.Japan's DragonTRAIL has grown rapidly since its launch in 2011, and DragonTRAIL was launched earlier this year.The mass of X is already comparable to that of the third generation of gorillas.Although the performance of the fourth generation of gorillas has again widened the gap, it means the gap is not hard to overcome.In order to keep the top spot, corning seemed to relax for a while.

  Meanwhile, its glass bongs screens are already being shipped to partner manufacturers, and it looks like consumers will soon be able to experience its damage resistance firsthand.